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Cooley Film Breakdown: Week 15 Vs. Bills


*Chris Cooley breaks down several plays from last Sunday's win against the Bills. Catch up with all of his analysis here.

Cooley begins with some analysis of wide receiver DeSean Jackson, who ran in motion in two similar situations but finished with two different routes. The Bills' cornerbacks think they know what's coming. Jackson proves they don't.

In the third quarter, with the Bills attempting a comeback, the Redskins faced a third-and-16 situation. Cousins found Pierre Garçon for the first down thanks to tight end Jordan Reed drawing defenders on a hook route and Cousins throwing a strike to his receiver into a tight window between two defenders.

Cooley goes back to Jackson and breaks down his 77-yard touchdown grab. The play works because Garçon, running a deep route over the middle of the field, drew the safety just a tad. Cousins delivered a back shoulder throw to Jackson, trusting his playmaking to get in for the score.

Finally, Cooley breaks down Reed's second touchdown of the game, beating quarters coverage defense from the Bills.




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