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Cooley Film Breakdown: Week 16 Vs. Eagles


Chris Cooley breaks down several plays from last Saturday's division championship win against the Eagles. Catch up with all of his analysis here.

Wearing his NFC East Champions hat, Chris Cooley starts off his film breakdown with a look at tight end Jordan Reed (surprise) as he lines up on a third down play in the first quarter. Reed uses the first of many basketball crossover moves on Malcolm Jenkins and wins the route because of it. "This dude is as good as it gets right now," Cooley says.


Reed found the end zone twice in the first quarter. The first time, he was wide open, thanks in large part to a great play action call that takes Brandon Scherff on a run-blocking assignment. The linebackers and safety bite on the rush play, leaving Reed wide open for the score up the middle.


The second Reed touchdown is even more impressive. After going in motion, Reed lines up one-on-one with linebacker Mychal Kendricks. A slow jog up-field is followed by a ridiculous crossover move that makes Kendricks break his knees. It's impossible to defend.

Cooley isn't sure about running back Pierre Thomas wearing the No. 39, but he is sure that quarterback Kirk Cousins called an audible that worked perfectly for him. With Washington ahead by six points in the third quarter, and facing a third and long situation, Cousins notices a linebacker blitz and changes the play. The Redskins get the first down. 




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