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Danny Smith Training Camp Media Session

On when the punting competition really begins:

"Yesterday during the afternoon was the first time. It was the first time the punters punted with the team, and we will do that again tomorrow afternoon. During the first game is when the competition will truly begin. When we get into game competition, it is all about execution under pressure."

On what he likes about Durant Brooks:
"He has a strong leg, and now we have to make him a good punter."

On how both punters have been dealing with the competition:
"They are both good people, competitors and punters, and competition brings the best out of all of us. The competition has been excellent, and they have been working really hard against each another."

On how Jim Zorn has performed as a head coach:
"We were together in Detroit, and have been good friends. He has a great personality and knowledge for the game. He is the type of guy that commands respect. He has been great with this football team. He has implemented what he has wanted to do, kept the strengths of the team and has let the players continue to grow off their past successes. We are in good shape, and I am a big believer in him."

On the unique drills and feel Zorn brings to practice:
"Jim thinks outside the box. He will not do something because another head coach did it or because you are supposed to do it, he will do it because it is what he believes in. That is how he leads his life. Everyday is not the same for him."

On how Devin Thomas will fit into the special teams:
"He will be a participant, and I expect him to help us a lot in different areas. He is strong, tough, physical, can run and has a lot of skill that can be of benefit to us, so we have to get him on the field during preseason to see how best to use him."

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