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David Patten Training Camp Media Session

On having viral meningitis during the first week of training camp:

"I am so grateful to the grace and mercy of God, because I've always known and heard of meningitis and you know the seriousness of it. But until you go through it, you don't know. And when I came out of the hospital I did some research on it, and learned the details of it, it's very serious and I didn't know. I'm just thankful. They really want me to take it slow. I'm trying to be obedient, but I really feel pretty good."

On how he got sick:

"You could get it so many different ways, it's hard to tell. I don't remember any specific things I did. The only thing I can think of is over the six week period just trying to get everything done while I was home on the break, and I was probably just run down and my immune system was probably pretty low. On Saturday evening, it just felt like a headache I could sleep off. Then when I woke up that Sunday morning, it just got worse, and when it was time to check-in, it was kind of full blown. The first three or four days, I was so sick I couldn't even think about anything. Once I started to feel better it was very hard, because I was still in the hospital waiting for the results because they didn't know if it was the virus or bacteria. Fortunately it was the virus, and once they found that out they released me. The worst part of it was three days of migraine headaches non-stop. I was taking pain medication and nothing was taking it away. On top of that you have a fever, my neck was totally stiff, I could barely bend my neck forward, and it was truly a rough experience I wouldn't wish on anyone."

On his strength level right now:

"I think I'm full go. I feel like I'm 100 percent. It's early in the season and the seriousness of the virus; I'm just being smart about it."

On feeling behind in Camp:

"I'm a week behind and haven't been out there with the guys. The fortunate thing about it is this is like the third time we've installed the offense so it's a matter of a couple days of getting out there and getting used to hearing the plays and going out there and running. I expect by the time Thursday or Friday rolls around I should be back into the full swing of things."

On losing weight while sick:

"I only lost about five pounds. Fortunately, for the seriousness of the virus, it wasn't really too much damage done, other than me having to fight it off and get through it. So thank the Lord, I don't feel like I lost too much but a week of preparation."

On playing on Sunday in the preseason opener at Cincinnati:

"That remains to be seen and left up to the coaches right now. I think they will take it slow. It depends on what they will allow me to do. If it was up to me, I'll be out there."

On competition with other wide receivers on the roster:

"My ten years in the league has always been about competing. It's always been about the best man winning the job. They let me know from the onset, when they brought those two guys in they told us first of all it's a chance for our team to get better, and they told me straight up, those guys want to play. Whoever is the best guy on the field is going to make us that much of a better team."

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