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Wake Up Washington | Dax Milne looks back on first NFL touchdown


Few Washington Commanders players will be able to identify a moment in Sunday's loss that they will cherish forever. Wide receiver Dax Milne is unique in that regard.   

The play came early in the fourth quarter. Washington was up by three and a had a chance to extend its lead after finding itself in the red zone on second-and-5. Once the ball was snapped, Milne had a strong sense he might find himself in the action.  

"I knew there was a good chance for me to get the ball and potentially score," Milne said. "Once I got it, I knew I had to force my way in there, but I didn't want to stretch it out too far because you see lots of times a guy can knock it out or something bad can happen, so I kept it tighter, and I made sure I just got my body in the end zone."   

After receiving the pass from Heinicke, Milne did well to get in the end zone while protecting the ball. The touchdown was the former BYU Cougar's first NFL score. Though the wide receiver was just as disappointed as the rest of his teammates following Sunday's loss, he will admit there was a lot of joy that came with that play.  

"Obviously, really exciting. Just so much hard work that kind of just pays off in one moment," Milne said. "You know, throughout practice it happens all the time, but it's really hard to do in a game, and I'm glad everything kind of worked out the way it did."  

As is a custom for many after a first touchdown, Milne has the memorable ball in his possession. Though he was not certain where its permanent home would be after the game, he felt strongly about giving it to some number one fans who have been there for him through his journey -- his family.  

"I haven't decided yet but I want to give it to my family so they can have it back home," Milne said.

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