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DeAngelo Hall Post-Game Press Conference

On the first quarter fumble recovery for a touchdown:

"I have had some big plays in my career, but I don't think I have had that big of a play in a Redskins uniform. It felt real good. We were getting a lot of criticism this preseason about not getting in the end zone. I've always told you guys in the regular season, we will get in the end zone. It's just a testament to the guys. We were all running to the ball and I was able to get my hands on it and rake it out, pick it up and score."

On if he was trying to strip the ball:

"When I went to make the tackle I definitely got my hands on it. The contact coming from Lorenzo Alexander, or whoever else was coming, might have helped get it out but the whole time my intention was trying to rake the ball out."

On the defense looking for the strip:

"No, it's not something we were going for, but if the opportunity presents itself, we are definitely being taught to go strip the ball."

On Dallas's potential winning drive:

"To fight that hard and go with those guys and drive down the field, it definitely was a little heart wrenching. I did see the flag on the field and really didn't know what it was for. I saw the referee make the holding signal, I sprinted off the field."

On celebrating with a flip:

"I was just feeling it. It is something I have never done before. It's the Dallas Cowboys, Sunday night, primetime, you are going to feel it once in awhile."

On the defense's strategy during Dallas' last possession of the game:

"No, we didn't back off pressure wise. No, the ball that Miles Austin caught in the middle of the field was actually a bit of a zone blitz so we definitely didn't back off. Last year we would have been in. This year we are sitting in equal. We had a bunch of guys fighting over the ball when Tony [Romo] just threw it up in the air. You would have liked for a guy to catch that to end the game but that is why we play four quarters."

On his mom being at the game:

"She's at every game. She's always the person I see before the game, after the game, whenever I get a break and make a play and get some encouragement. She keeps me calm. Sometimes on the field I can get a little antsy. She's the one who calms me down, and I look over there and she's saying 'calm down' so every season no matter what the play is, if I make a big play she always gets that ball and I write a message on it or her before she puts it up."

On the win:

"Not really the best, obviously this is a huge win for us but at the same time we didn't play the way we are capable of winning so that's a little bit discouraging. We'll learn from this."

On what they learned from the game:

"How to stop a high-powered offense. Those guys made a lot of plays. We'll go watch it and make our corrections. The touchdown they scored actually should have been a break on Miles Austin so that's real discouraging to have a call that was perfect for the play but we didn't execute that's why we play four quarters. We came out and tried to execute the best we could."

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