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Derrius Diary: Restarting The Rehab Process


Editor's Note: Throughout the year, Redskins running back Derrius Guice will check in with to provide updates about his life, detailing his personal journey after his preseason injury and sharing his thoughts on the Redskins. His latest diary entry describes the last several months since surgery for a torn ACL, suffered against the Patriots in the team's first preseason game.

I was down south, back and forth from Louisiana to Pensacola for like two months, and I had extra surgeries because of the infection, which set me back. I didn't want to stay in Pensacola by myself, so I was in Covington, [La.], with my family, which is like a two and a half, three-hour drive to Pensacola. I had to work slowly back into my upper body workouts because I wasn't able to work them out as I recovered.

Once that was finished I was back to rehabbing. Everything kind of got back on schedule, but my timeline was off because I wasn't working out for two months. I had to play catch-up, so I had to work a lot harder and spend a lot more hours here, getting rehab in the weight room, catching up on my running and stuff. It was tough, when I already started over in August, and then I had to start over again in December. It was kind of like, what's going on?

We've been consistent here with the workouts and the rehab. I've been in here every day, and haven't been home much at all really besides my football camp in early January. I've been here all offseason.

My arms are back up to strength with where they were in training camp. I'm back to sprinting now. We're not doing full speed lateral stuff yet, but we're doing full speed straight ahead and we're doing a lot of bounds and jumping and single leg stability, and a lot of glute, hamstrings, hips, just focusing on all the small things now trying to build everything back up slowly. My extension, my bend is probably three degrees from my butt now, and my other one touches my butt, so we're there. We're right there.

We don't even talk about timelines, we just take it week to week. I'm still strong as an ox. We're getting it back. 

-- Derrius

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