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Derrius Diary: Starting Life After Injury 


Editor's Note: Throughout the year, Redskins running back Derrius Guice will check in with to provide updates about his life, detailing his personal journey after his preseason injury and sharing his thoughts on the Redskins. His first diary entry describes the last month and a half since he tore his ACL against the Patriots in the team's first preseason game.

Last carry of the game, I see the hole, I hit it hard, I spin off a defender then stiff arm the next, and then boom!!!!! My whole life changed. Couldn't get up after the play right away. Teammates running up to help me up, referees blowing whistles repetitively, trainers running over to my rescue, and then there's me, in shock; not knowing what just really happened or if my injury was really what it was. 

At 6 AM I was told that my ACL was torn. My emotions went away, my mind just went off to another planet, and my heart was just crushed. All I could think about was all the crap I went through this year leading to this point. Starting with the Combine process and the draft rumors. All I could think is why me? Blood, sweat, and tears my whole life to get to this point, just for all of this to happen when I finally get here.

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Life has still been great before and even after surgery. I'm staying active with the Redskins community as much as possible and still supporting my team to the fullest -- and my LSU tigers. I have treatment every morning at Redskins Park around 9 AM. I go to meetings when I can and even go out to watch practice from time to time. Some days are better than others but I always make the most out of them.

I spend most of my days rehabbing my knee, catching up with the family, watching movies, and playing some video games to keep me in good spirits. Tuesday of this week made it 6 weeks post surgery for me and the process is going great. Got all my extension back, most of my rotation and bend in the knee back, I can walk almost regular again and I just recently started back lifting weights. Everything is on track and is going very smooth right now. I have a ton of support and a bunch of people at my side keeping me sane.

Some nights are terrible to where I can't sleep because of pain. Some days I can't walk because of pain, some days rehab is the worst because of pain, and some days just sitting down is awful because of pain. The knee injury is a weird thing because you feel all kinds of pain in different places and some days you'll feel 100% fine all around.

Recently all my nerves just started firing because I'm more active on my leg, so now I feel pain in other places that I haven't but it's tolerable. That's a good sign to know that my nerves are back firing. You have to love the process. This teaches you patience, and how to appreciate the little things a lot more, and it teaches you more about your body and more about yourself.

-- Derrius

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