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DeSean Jackson Has A First Choice In Free Agency: The Redskins


DeSean Jackson knows free agency is fast approaching, but if he has his way he'll be able to stay in Washington for years to come.

Three years ago, wide receiver DeSean Jackson suddenly – and very unexpectedly – hit the open market following his release from the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite coming off a career-high 1,332 yards and nine receiving touchdowns, Jackson's release sent it was an uncertain time for Jackson.

The cloudy departure from Philadelphia quickly faded, though, as Jackson quickly signed on with the Washington Redskins for a new three-year contract.

His goal was to show that was still great both on the field and off it. For the past three seasons, he did just that.

"I felt coming from Philadelphia and the image they put out on me, I think I had three years to go out there and prove to everybody that he is not that type of guy," Jackson said Thursday on "Redskins Nation. "He is a team guy he loves to get the ball because what receiver on your team do you know that doesn't want to get the ball? As far as I am around the locker room with my teammates, all the guys, the coaches, and I think I proved and showed everybody that I haven't gotten in any trouble off field. I have done everything as a family man and I'm just a man about business that wants to go out there and keep producing."

Jackson's production with the Redskins so far?

Two 1,000-yard seasons and 14 touchdown receptions along with a yards per reception average of 19, nearly two yards better than any other receiver with at least 50 receptions over the last three seasons.

In the 2016 regular season finale, Jackson caught two passes for 34 yards to get him above the 1,000-yard mark.

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His deep threat numbers are also unmatched since he entered the league in 2008, as he has 37 receptions of 50-plus yards and 26 total scores of 50 yards or long.

As he seeks another lucrative contract, Jackson's prefers that it comes from the Redskins.

"I do want to still be here," Jackson said. "My family and my house, I have everything here and I don't want to be in a transaction and move. First things first, I do want to be here and hopefully we can make it work. But once again this is a business so things happen. I'm just really excited about the opportunity I have to sit and now the ball's in my corner a little bit and see what we can do. I'm just excited and I'm going to let my agent care of all that. Ready to just sit back and whatever offers come in but obviously like I said I do want to be here."

Regardless of where he goes for the 2017 and beyond, Jackson also has a personal goal of getting just a little bit stronger now that he's passed the 30-year-old mark.

Jackson has been working out at the Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park recently, posting photos and videos of his different workouts.

"I still feel like I'm 26 and I can still run with those young dudes," Jackson said. "I'm really at that point now where free agency is a big year for me in my career and where I am. …But wherever it takes me, I still feel like I'm going to put in the work, run fast and do that acrobatic things I've been doing throughout my career."

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