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DeSean Jackson To Host Celebrity Golf Tournament

Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson will continue his efforts in increasing awareness for pancreatic cancer with his inaugural DeSean Jackson Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament. 

On Saturday, June 6, Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson will host the inaugural DeSean Jackson Foundation Celebrity Golf Tournament at The Golf Club at Lansdowne.

All proceeds from the event will benefit funds for the Sol Goldman Pancreatic Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins and Washington, D.C., anti-bullying initiatives.

Jackson recently told that he wasn't much of a golfer growing up in California, but, the three-time Pro Bowler admitted that over the last two years he's "become a big fan of golfing."

"It's a relaxer. It's kind of a mind stimulator where you can go out there, relax and get a lot of things off your mind," he said. "So the last two years, I became a big fan of golf. I'm a very competitive guy. I have a competitive nature. So anything I'm not that competitive with, I just try really hard to get good at it. So, that's the history of me and golf and how I feel about golf now. It's all coming together."

So with his love of golf continuing to increase with each completed round played -- and with his desire to help those in need -- Jackson consulted with his mom Gayle, President of the DeSean Jackson Foundation, and others to find a way to bring the two passions together.  

"I was talking to my team and my mother that I thought it'd be a great idea to have to have my first annual golf tournament with the proceeds and everything go back to my foundation for pancreatic cancer," he said. "I started that back in 2009 when I lost my father to pancreatic cancer. We kind of figured it would be a great way taking my foundation to the next level being able to support the cause and trying to find a cure and really to raise money to support that cause. So, that's kind of how we thought about it."

While a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, Jackson hosted similar events.

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"Going back to when I was in Philadelphia when I played there, we had a gala or two," he said. "We played the documentary of my DVD that my brother and my family put together. We had a silent auction, a dinner – just mingled and rubbed elbows with higher people in the community, business people in big-time corporations. It was a good turnout. The last time we did it was probably three years ago. That's why we're trying to double-back around, just do something positive at a bigger-staged level being able to fund the cause of pancreatic cancer."

Jackson's hope not only in the months leading up to the golf tournament, but beyond, is that awareness for pancreatic cancer will continue to increase.

"It's a deadly disease and not too many people know about it," he said. "The percentage they have to live on it, the percentage of survival is slim to none. The rate on going still to this date. More of a percentage that dies don't live past to see five to six months after they're diagnosed with the disease. As far as like the symptoms, you lose weight, you have no appetite, you can't eat, you can't hold any food down, weakness."

In 2009, Jackson's father passed away from complications with pancreatic cancer just months after being diagnosed.

"I witnessed my dad go through it fast," he said. "It took his life probably in like three or four months. He was very weak, but at the same time he was strong going through it. He never really gave up. He had a strong mentality."

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