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Donovan McNabb Post-Game Press Conference

On standing on the sidelines for the final snap of games four times this season:
"Hopefully we won't have to do it too much anymore. Offensively you want to close the game out ourselves. I thought we did a good job by getting ourselves in position so that Graham [Gano] can kick it through. Again, we need to clean up some mistakes in that first half and again in the third. I think it's a whole different ball game."

On what he thinks turned the Packers game around to give the Redskins a 16-13 win:
"We had a lot of opportunities. I thought our defense really, really played well. Special teams did a great job. We had some big plays. The big play that Anthony Armstrong had I thought really started out a lot of good things. We started moving the ball consistently converting third downs. Santana [Moss] did a great job, [Chris] Cooley did an excellent job and I thought in the second half we were able to recognize a lot of their blitzes, pick them up and give us some time so we could spread the ball around."

On what kind of character builder a win like this is:
"It's very big. I think that after a couple of games like this, this is an opportunity where you're in the huddle, guys are just waiting for that opportunity to make big plays. I think Anthony [Armstrong] really got things going for us which lead to a lot of big passing plays for us. Santana has been consistent over the years and there's a reason why he's been doing what he's doing, he and Cooley both. Again, I've got to clean up some things. We correct those mistakes and I think it's a whole different ballgame.

On the chemistry he has with Santana Moss:"We definitely have a good chemistry going, as well as with Cooley and the rest of the guys. Obviously with more catches and more opportunities with Santana and Cooley, it stands out more. But you need that. I think a quarterback/receiver combination is very important where you can spread the ball around and guys know that certain situations, third and short, third and long, who may have that opportunity to make a big play. We kind of spread it around. It goes back to when Anthony [Armstrong] made that big play. Just try to buy time and put [yourselves] in a position to compete and he did an excellent job."

On if he had to move in the pocket on the touchdown pass to Anthony Armstrong:
"I had to move. They did a good job of carving out the middle a little bit. Their outside rusher slanted inside so I had to avoid outside of Ryan [Torain] and try to put Anthony [Armstrong] in a position. I saw him beat the safety and I just tried to put it up high and far so he could try to run a blunder and bring it in. It was an excellent catch."

On if his many years of experience has helped him when he has nowhere to go:"This game is four quarters. Look at us with Houston. We came out striking and throwing the ball everywhere and everybody was getting the ball scoring points and in the second half, we weren't able to seal the deal. You can't keep a team close around for four quarters. Something may happen. For us, today, something happened [that was] positive and we were able to come together as a unit to try to win the game."

On what adjustments the team made in the second half:
"I was just recognizing what they were doing and what we try to do is soften it up a little bit by running the ball as well as throwing some screens and some quick passes. What that does is soften them up because they know we're going to get the ball out which will open up opportunities down field. So that was something we definitely talked about at halftime and we were able to construct some different plays that we all know and that we were effective with."

On if making a lot of very good throws in tight windows is a result of being in the zone:
"That's just a confidence with the guys outside. When it's a five-step drop and you're reading your keys, you want to put it in a position where they can compete for it and I have that trust with those guys. Throwing it where Anthony [Armstrong] and Santana [Moss] can do it, [Chris] Cooley can do it and the same thing with the rest of the guys. That's just building the timing where you're putting them in a position where the can compete for it, where they can come up with a catch or they can knock it down."

On Ryan Torain:
"I thought he did a great job today. He was able to recognize blitzes and just give us an opportunity. We didn't run the ball as much as we did the last couple of weeks, but still, this was a game that we felt like we needed to throw the ball a little bit more and be effective in the pass game for what they like to do and we put ourselves in a position to win."

On if he felt there wasn't as much pressure on him after Clay Matthews went out of the game:
"You know what, I didn't even recognize it when Clay went out. I knew that he had gotten a couple [sacks] in the first. He got a nice cheap one with the high snap in the first series but he's a guy you have to pay attention to. There's a reason why he's pretty much leading in sacks; for him being so effective in second and third downs. I thought we did a good job of just coming in at halftime and recognizing the different things and going back to our offense and running it."

On if he feels he took a beating today:
"I'm fine. Things like that happen in this game. Maybe I could have gotten the ball out quicker or something. I'll have to take a look at that in film. You have to avoid and Aaron [Rodgers] did the same thing. He took some shots and had to use his legs and buy time. That's what happens in this game called football."

On how he felt about the backups in the offensive line after many injuries:
"That says we have the utmost confidence in those guys. When rotating, you really don't recognize who is in until a couple of plays go by. You don't want anybody to go out there due to injury but early on we started a rotation. It now looks like we're in full rotation sometimes. It was good to see Trent [Williams] get back out there and really keep fighting. But that says a lot about this team. This team is going to fight for one another and we've got to put ourselves in a situation where we are right now."

On how important it is to get Anthony Armstrong more involved in the offense:
"It's important to get all the guys involved. I missed a couple of throws to Joey [Galloway]. I want to get Brandon [Banks] a little bit more involved. But [Anthony] Armstrong is a big play guy. You just never know when he may explode for a 40- or 50-yard catch which could lead to something big for us. But Santana [Moss] has been consistent, but you need that. You need a guy that's explosive like that, you need guys that are consistent and working the middle, a tight end that's very effective and a running back that can make big plays in running as well as blocking and catching. So, that's what an offense is all about. As we continue to grow together, this thing will develop into something big, I believe, for what we'd like to do."

On if Anthony Armstrong's vertical leap substitutes for a 6-3 guy:"That I don't know. Most guys try to talk about their 40-inch verticals. I don't know if Anthony has one. When you see that ball, you've got to catch it at high point. I thought he did a great job at doing that. He knew that the safety was bearing down. One thing that I liked about the whole thing was the fact that he went up strong and pulled it down strong. That shows the type of player he really is. It's not about the speed but it's about making plays that have to be made."

On if he feels luck is involved while being 3-2 and not having a complete game yet:
"I would love to say that but I don't believe in luck sometimes. It's just the grace of God and I believe that He has given us that opportunity and has continued to bless us to pull it out in situations like that. I know that it's not going to be like that every week. But this thing is going to continue to grow and we're going to progress together."

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