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Donovan McNabb Post-Game Press Conference

On the offensive rhythm:
"We felt comfortable. We had a good drive going into our first series. Second series, we realized, obviously, this is where we need to be - go ahead and finish this. We had a couple good plays by a lot of guys, running the ball as well as catching the ball, which led to points. Things like that in the first preseason game happen. You drive down, you get a big play or you're real methodical. It's just being able to pick up yards with the running game and then things lead to something else. It was good for us. I think what you were able to see is where we went out Rex [Grossman] kept it going and [Brandon] Banks was able to get out and spread the ball running as well. It's something that we can watch and learn from. We got a tough team coming in next week so we will just put this behind us and move forward."

On if the team is on the right track:
"There are a lot of things you can take out of preseason; obviously, we know wins and losses don't mean anything. As far as confidence is concerned in our case, new coach, new quarterback, and new schemes, it plays a major part. Not to be over confident we can look at the scoreboard and get too excited but that's not the type of team we have. We know that we made some mistakes out there and there are things we need to correct, but being able to win the game and score some points is big for us. We just need our focus for a day, watch the film, correct the mistakes all next week and get ready to play Baltimore."

On his experience with the Washington Redskins:
"This is a new city, new challenge, new chapter and those are the things that are different. I think as far as football, things are still the same. You have to get out there, buckle your chin strap and get ready to make plays."

On the rookies' game performance:
"These guys have really been working hard. We knew [Brandon] Banks, coming from Kansas State, his average on return yards and his speed just give him an opportunity and good things can happen. I believe [Ryan] Torain led the way before he got hurt at ASU, drafted by Denver and went through some injuries, but we have watched all through OTA's, minicamp and training camp so we knew the type of running back he was. There are a lot of other guys. Terrance Austin will be able to make some big plays with the ball in his hand. This is an opportunity for those guys to open up obstacles, for us veterans to kick the rust off and get ourselves in game situations. This is something that we all need."

On playing with the Redskins:
"I came in with an open mind. When I came out of the tunnel it really hit me that, obviously, it is a new uniform, new scenery, and a new team. The exciting thing about it is that guys came in here just excited. Everybody wanted to see everybody get out there and make plays in game situations and I think we were able to show that. The most exciting part is putting up points, eating up yards, getting Redskins turnovers and special teams scoring points. I think you are seeing a whole new different ball club than you are used to seeing in the previous seasons. We don't want to get too overly excited."

On the offensive line:
"If I get credit, they deserve even more credit. I don't believe in individuals because it is all about the team. Those guys are the ones that are setting the tone up front."

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