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Donovan McNabb Post-Game Press Conference

On if he thought they had a chance to come back with two-and-a-half minutes left and three time outs:"Without a doubt. I thought we had the momentum. We were able to sustain a good drive and put us in a great position to either tie or win. You start things out with a completion and get things going and then you kind of downfall from there. I think it was a good sign for us. When you're playing against a team like Indy who tries to eliminate the big play, they're kind of a bend but don't break defense. They keep everything in front of them. You try not to give up the plays down field which obviously, over the past few weeks we've been pretty successful with. You just try to be smart with it, chuck it down if you have to and give your guys opportunities to make plays."

On if they gave him a different look on the last possession:"The last possession they kind of went in a prevent defense. They knew that we didn't have any timeouts and we would have to get completions on the sideline. That's why I tried to take a shot in the hole and it was a great catch by [defensive back Aaron] Francisco. You just get in that situation and you wish you had a timeout or a big play to get things going and I thought with that pass that we'd get things going on the sideline and get another play going."

On if he thought they made enough turnovers with his defense getting him the ball three times:"Our defense played well. Special teams gave us good field position. We had some opportunities but we probably could have gotten seven but we'll settle for a field goal or whatever it may be. I think for us, to be able to sustain drives, we have to do that consistently. We had a couple in the game, yet still not enough. I think for us on the offensive side, there's a lot of good things that we can look at but there's also some things that we need to clean up."

On if he had to change any strategy once Chris Cooley left the game with a concussion:"Not at all. Fred [Davis], we've always said we've got two talented tight ends. Once one went out, obviously that took us away from a lot of our two tight ends sets. But Fred kept it going. He's a very athletic guy, he gets the ball in his hands and as you've seen today, he can get up field. We were just trying to spread it around because, with this defense, they will play two-shell or bring a guy in the box. You just really have to attack the middle of the field and when they give you an opportunity, you attack outside. I thought we were able to do that at times but it's not enough."

On what he felt was the difference in the running game:"We were able to pick up some big yards. I thought Ryan [Torain] did an excellent job for us of just continuing to keep his feet going, picking up big yards and when we got the turnovers in the red zone, we ran strong downfield and being able to get in the end zone. I thought he had a wonderful game and I thought the play action really fed off of that which, at times, we were able to work our guys in the slots and try to create some mismatches."

On how difficult it is to settle when they take away the deep pass:"It's not difficult. We've had a lot of success with the deep passes and we were looking forward to getting maybe one or two in there. I tried to get one on fourth down, tried to get it in there and just a little off. I think this is something that teams are going to try to do. They're going to try to eliminate us from getting that big play and we just have to be methodical with it of getting our guys opportunities to get catches and get up field."

On how he thought Trent Williams did against Dwight Freeney:"I thought he did a great job and Jammal [Brown] as well. We knew that these were two guys that get up field fast. I thought, just from watching film the last couple of games, quarterbacks are just trying to get the ball out of their hands to eliminate the sacks and try not to get too deep in the drop. I tried to do the same, which took us a lot of time, from kind of looking down field so much trying to wait for that big play. I thought our two tackles did a wonderful job."

On there being a couple of more turnovers that could have been produced and how big they could have been:"Any type of turnovers in this game against a guy like Peyton [Manning] would be big. Our defense gave us good field position, at times, on the turnovers. Did we have some more, yeah. They caught mine with one hand. When you apply pressure to any quarterback, it throws the timing off. I thought our defense did a great job of just trying to get in Peyton's face and to try to throw their timing off."

On if he feels that being able to spread the ball around to different receivers and the running game being a product of the maturation of the offense:"Absolutely. I know everybody's been asking, 'How come everybody else is not getting involved?' I saw a lot of great things tonight. You see a team that just continues to fight and then sustain a long drive and get into the end zone and having that confidence to come back out. In the last two drives, we weren't able to be successful but I think those are things that we'll be able to capitalize on next time; knowing what we need to do. This is a tough loss for us, obviously. I think we'll watch the film and be very critical to come back next week against a tough opponent against Chicago."

On the maturation process of the offense:"Absolutely. You know everyone has been asking why they are not getting the ball. I saw a lot of great things today. This was a team fight and sustaining a long drive and getting into the end zone and having the confidence coming back out. You know in the last two drives, we were unable to be successful, but I think those are something we'll be able to capitalize on next time knowing what we need to do. This is a tough loss for us obviously. I think we'll watch the film and be very critical coming out next week versus a tough opponent in Chicago."

On his thoughts at this point of the season:"You wanna win. The name of the game is winning. There are things we can take out of it that we'll be excited about because we've been playing this game for a while. Obviously a lot of us are getting comfortable in this offense. We've had opportunities to win all these games. Would of, could of, should of, we could say that. We're sitting right now 3-3 so we'll do what we have to do to change that for next week to get the win."

On his first interception:"The throw on the slant pattern is timing. You know I took three steps and tried throwing it in the hole. The defensive did a great job of beating Santana to the spot. And that's a situation we should have pulled it back. But with slant patterns you can't be late when it comes to that. You know it's one we'll obviously learn from."

On the deep ball threatening the opposing defense:"I think so. You know with this defense you are not going to complete a lot of balls you know past 12 or 15 yards consistently because they are going to go into a two count and dropped their middle linebacker and they are going to try and keep everything in front of them. You'll see a lot of quarterbacks on second down running backs and tight ends have to make those catches and get out of cover 2 zone and get them to tackle a little bit down field. You know we had opportunities on both occasions but again they tried to keep everything in front of them."

On the success of Peyton Manning:
"Peyton's a great quarterback. No matter who you have on the outside those guys will make big plays. We have a group of great guys on the outside to make plays for me. Peyton has been doing this for years, and his guys have been making plays for him."

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