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Donovan McNabb Post-Game Press Conference

On the 59-28 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles not being the way he wanted to celebrate his contract extension:

"You know what, that really wasn't the focus coming into this game. I was just excited coming off the bye [week] and the week of practice that we had. [We played] an opponent where we needed to come out and have a must-win mentality to boost ourselves up in the NFC East and to put ourselves back in the win column. The way that everything kind of happened just snowballed. We continued to fight offensively just trying to get yards, move the chains, put points on the board and we just dug ourselves [into] a deep hole that we just couldn't get ourselves out. It's a learning experience in this game. I think one that all of us can kind of look at and vision at some point during the year and you have to have a gut check. This probably would be defined as one."

On if he has ever been associated with a deficit like this:

"I haven't. I've been a part of the other end where everything just seemed to go well and in the second half, it seemed like everything turned—nothing to this effect. We have a solid team. We have a team [of] mentally strong guys and great character and guys who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the next man. This is one that, obviously a cliché but, we'll watch film and come back from it. But, I think this is one that you already know is fresh in your mind of what happened. You should be anxious to get back out there on Wednesday to make some changes."

On what happened in the first few possessions of the game:

"When you're playing a team that's coming into the game hot like that, you have to be able to move the chains. The first two series, we had an opportunity on third-and-short and didn't convert. In the second series, I missed a pass to [Chris] Cooley and all of a sudden it's 14-0. You come back and get an interception or whatever it may be. It's just things like that that methodically just didn't work out in our favor. Even being down 28-0, I felt we still had a chance to come back. The team continued to fight and we had some big plays early on to put more points on the board but it just didn't really balance out for us."

On what went through his mind when he was losing to a team he played with for more than a decade:

"It wasn't anything personal. When you get into a situation like that, when the game just kind of gets out of your reach, your pride is on the line. You want to do whatever it takes to put more points on the board and give yourself a better chance. We kind of got ourselves going and then in the second half, we came out and drove in the second half in the first series. We just couldn't really get things going the way we needed to. They were still moving the ball and putting points on the board. When you get into a game like that, again, it goes back to doing what you have to do in order to put points on the board and give yourself a chance."

On if getting some points on the scoreboard in the second quarter gave him a sense that they had a chance in the game:

"I never lost hope. You guys probably won't believe me at that point, but you can't lose hope. I thought that when we got things rolling, we had some opportunities and took advantage of those. I just felt like it was going to continue to work in our favor. But you give credit to those guys. Those guys made some big plays, converted on big third downs and got their chains moving and found themselves in the end zone. That's a credit to those guys over there."

On if he is relieved to have his contract extension done:

"At this point, no, because my focus is just on the game. I guess that's one question I don't have to answer anymore. This game, I'm embarrassed. With everything that was kind of tied into it, the way the thing snowballed in the wrong direction. It was just an embarrassment."

On if starting off his new contract in a game like this was emotional or if he was too focused on the game:

"At this point, I'm angry. I think everyone in the locker room is. The contract is great. I've always said I've wanted to be here and I look forward to being here for more years but there's nothing that I can do later right now. I can only focus on the present time and at this time, I'm just looking forward to watching this film, moving on and getting ready for Tennessee."

On how difficult his job is without Ryan Torain and Clinton Portis:

"Whoever is out there on the field, we have the full confidence in. I think we tried to display that. Keiland [Williams] did a great job today. He got in the end zone, picked up some big yards for us. When you miss your one and two guys, yet, whoever's out there has the big plays and we have confidence in them. Again, those opportunities that we missed, they took full advantage of them, capitalized on the turnovers and we just can't seem to do that when you play a team like that."

On if he expresses his embarrassment to his teammates:

"I think we've all expressed it to each other. We've all communicated about that aspect of it. Even when talking on the sideline, it was 34-7 or whatever it may have been, just gather the offense up and was something we talked about. 'Hey, put your pride on the line. Lets pick this thing up and do it together,' thinking it can be done. You have to have confidence in one another that it can be done. As you can see, we were able to get out there and move the ball and put some points on the board. At this particular point right now, it's a down time. It's a down time for the locker room. The light will shine if you feel confident that it will. We can make a change, but we have to be the one to get out on the field and do it."

On what went on with the scuffle between the benches 40 minutes prior to kickoff:

"I was back. I kind of see things but I didn't know what was going on. I've been a part of that situation before on a Monday night. It's just two teams that their energy levels are high. Someone says something here, you say something back and all of a sudden everyone gets involved. I don't think that had anything to do with the game."

On what he said to Michael Vick after the game:

"I'm just happy for him. Not by his performance today. I told him I was pissed off at him. I'm just happy at the way he has continued to progress and have confidence in himself and staying humble. That's the most important thing. Good things can happen for him."

On if he considers his new contract a commitment with Mike Shanahan to get things happening with the offense:

"We communicated about a lot of different things but I think both of our focuses are at the present time and what we can do to get things going in the right direction. The contract shows, obviously, confidence in that. We have to focus on what we need to do now. We can focus on that later on down the road. We just look forward to the change and progression to move on from this."

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