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Drive Of The Game: Kelley's Second Touchdown Is Deciding Score


This week's Redskins Drive of the Game, presented by Ford, was a four-play, 70-yard drive finished off by a Rob Kelley one-yard touchdown run that gave the Redskins the game-deciding lead.

The Redskins had little time and a lot of ground to cover, so quarterback Kirk Cousins knew he had to take some risks if they would pull off the upset and beat the Seahawks.

With one minute and 34 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, and the Redskins trailing by four points, Cousins unleashed two consecutive 30-plus yard throws and finished the four-play, 70-yard drive with a Rob Kelley one-yard punch up the middle for the deciding score in the team's 17-14 victory.

The drive began with a Cousins incompletion to wide receiver Josh Doctson, but Cousins was undeterred.

The next play, Cousins lofted a high pass to the sideline for wide receiver Brian Quick, who had enough time to adjust to the football and spin his head around for the 31-yard catch. Cousins then saw Seattle in press-man coverage and signaled to Doctson for a fly route.

Cousins lofted another deep pass to him, and Doctson dove, cradling the ball above the turf and sliding to the one-yard line where he was touched down.

"We just called an audible there at the line of scrimmage," Cousins said. "Jay had said if you get if you get press man, give him a go ball. So we gave him a hand signal and he took off at one. I put it out there pretty far, and he went and got it and showed why he has a lot of potential, why we're excited about him. I hope it's a sign of things to come, just the start of something, hopefully."

Cousins was limited in his options with the football to just a few weapons on the field. Tight end Vernon Davis wasn't even available on the drive with a hand injury until Kelley had the opportunity at the goal line and he convinced head coach Jay Gruden to let him back in to block.

"I just remembered when coach [Jay] Gruden believed in us, in the O-line," Gruden said. "I remember Kirk telling me we've got to get it in there and it was the last chance we can get it in and everybody believed in what Kirk said and we did it. I think that was the highlight of the game was that moment in the huddle, everybody was like 'We're going to do it or not.'"

The Redskins did it, on a sequence that many will remember. Kelley gave the football to Doctson, too.

"I'm not going here and fight over who gets the deep balls," Gruden said. "We just want completions, we just want to win games. That's all we care about at the end of the day. We just happened to have one called. He made a great throw and Josh made a great catch. Hopefully there will be more of those, if the coverage allows it and the time allows it. Right now I'm just happy we got out of here with a win."

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