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Eagles' Jackson Has the Redskins' Attention


Every year, Brian Westbrook is the primary focus of the Redskins' defensive game plan when they face off against the Philadelphia Eagles.

This year, wide receiver DeSean Jackson has gotten the Redskins' attention, too.

The rookie out of Cal leads the Eagles with 22 catches for 327 yards. He has one touchdown, plus one that he literally threw away.

In the Eagles' Week 2 game at Dallas, Jackson caught a 60-yard pass from Donovan McNabb and breezed into the end zone.

He started his touchdown celebration too early, though. He dropped the ball just before crossing the goal line. The result was a fumble at the Cowboys' 1-yard line.

Westbrook scored on the next play, so Jackson's gaffe did not cost the Eagles.

Even so, Jackson's play highlighted his speed and elusiveness when running routes.

Defensive coordinator Greg Blache called him "explosive" and said the defenders need to be aware of double moves on his pass routes.

"The rookie Jackson has made some huge plays for them," Blache said. "These folks are terrors with the double moves. They make more big plays with the double moves--they can't do anything straight. I doubt they even go to the restroom straight because everything they do is a double move."

Added Carlos Rogers: "They try to get [Jackson] the ball any way they can. Quick routes, double moves, deep routes. You don't want to let him get in spaces because he can make you look bad."

How to slow Jackson down?

"We have to get in his face and get physical with him," Rogers said. "We have to give him different looks, too. He's a rookie, so he's not as experienced reading as defense. We'll have to make up some things for him."

Shawn Springs has been slowed by a calf injury and missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday.

If he plays, Springs said he won't look forward to lining up against Jackson.

"I like the bigger receivers," he said. "The small ones make me nervous. I have to chase those guys around."

He agreed with Rogers that the Redskins must be physical with Jackson, who stands at 5-10 and 175 pounds.

"You have to let him know this is the NFL," he said.

The Eagles enter the game with the league's sixth-ranked offense and fifth-ranked passing offense.

Washington has faced a series of top-rated offenses so far this season, including New Orleans and Dallas, so they're defensive stats may be skewed. The Redskins are ranked 14th overall and 23rd against the pass.

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