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Extremeskins Mourns Loss of Friend

Six years ago, the Washington Redskins partnered with the fans at as the team's official fan community. A constant over that period, and since October 10, 2002, has been Bubba9497.

Years ago, Bubba was dubbed the king of all media by the staff at Extremeskins for his tireless efforts to capture all news items related to the Redskins and chronicle them on the site's Breaking News section. Long before Google sent alerts to our inboxes, Bubba was tracking everything Redskins for every Redskin fan who frequented the site.

Though never officially a member of the staff at Extremeskins, Bubba's passion for the team and constant presence on the site typify the level of committment to and love for the Redskins that makes Redskin fans the best in the NFL.

Bubba's last activity at was March 15, 2010. Concerned fans who knew Bubba would never be away from Extremeskins for long have confirmed their friend passed away last month.

After 91,280 posts at Extremeskins, it's fair to say regular members came to know Bubba from his posting style: informed, sarcastic, funny, intelligent and always up for a good debate. Perhaps no fan has ever fully embodied the spirit of Extremeskins like Bubba.

For all he's meant to the community at Extremeskins and the to all the fans impacted by his passing, the staff there has decided to rename the Breaking News forum Bubba9497's Redskins Breaking News. We are not sharing Bubba's personal information out of respect for the privacy of those he's survived by.

Thanks for all you've done for all of us, Bubba. We will think of you often.

-- Arthur Mills,

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