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Fan Mailbag: What Is Thomas's Potential?


Wondering about a player's status? Trying to recall a past game? Want some insight on the Redskins?'s Gary Fitzgerald opens up the mailbag on Tuesday and answers fan questions.

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Question: Gary, if Devin Thomas meets his maximum potential, how good can he be? Who can he be compared to? He looked fantastic against the Saints [on Dec. 6].

-- Kevin N.

Gary: Coming out of Michigan State in 2008, Thomas was often compared to wide receivers that are physical but maintain good speed. Kansas City wide receiver Dwayne Bowe fits that description. Bowe is 6-2 and 221 pounds, while Thomas is 6-2 and 215 pounds. Bowe had 70 and 86 catches his first two seasons in the league, but just 33 this year as the Chiefs struggled. During the 2008 draft, Thomas was compared by to former Seattle, Minnesota and Green Bay wide receiver Koren Robinson, who was 6-1 and 205 pounds, logged 294 catches in eight seasons. Thomas's development, as it relates to Bowe and Robinson, should be fascinating to watch.

Question: There's all sorts of talk about Jason Campbell not being the right guy for the job here. I've looked at the upcoming free agents and I don't see anyone that would be a major improvement. Don't you think it's in the Redskins' best interest to keep him around?

-- Josh W.

Gary: It's an interesting situation. At the beginning of the season, I suggested that Campbell needed to move into the upper echelon of quarterbacks to maintain his job. He struggled early on as the Redskins dropped to 2-6 midseason. In the Redskins' last five games, though, Campbell has really played well, completing more than 65 percent of his passes. It might behoove them to keep Campbell--and the same offensive system--for another year. Then again, is it too little, too late? Campbell's record as a starter is 20-30 and he has never guided a comeback in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. That's the question that team officials are faced with Campbell. There may be a feeling that it is time to turn the page on Campbell. Either way, the team is sure to explore options in free agency and the NFL Draft for quarterback prospects.

Question: In recent memory, one part of the Redskins has always been solid and that's the long snapping from Ethan Albright. He has been great over his 16-year career, but I have to imagine he's going to be hanging up his cleats pretty soon. Has there been any thought about how to replace such a solid player?

-- Danny C.

Gary: Each of the last four years, the Redskins have signed Albright to a one-year contract. Albright has played for the Redskins since 2001 and has been solid, earning a Pro Bowl nod after the 2007 season. The Redskins began to look at replacement long snappers last offseason when they signed Jeremy Cain to the roster. Albright and Cain split reps during mini-camp and OTAs. Albright won the job and Cain was released prior to training camp. Even if Albright re-signs for another season in 2010, look for the Redskins to bring in competition again.

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