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FedEx Ground Moment: Kirk Cousins' Touchdown Run


This week's FedEx Ground Moment of the Week takes a closer look at Kirk Cousins' touchdown run against the Buccaneers, his first of four touchdowns on the day.

It's a play based on deception. For the Redskins, it worked perfectly.

For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they found out the hard way not to overcommit to one player in particular.

During the second quarter of what was then a 24-0 advantage for the Buccaneers on Sunday at FedExField, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins drove the offense deep into the red zone for the first time all day. [



With 1st and Goal at the 8-yard line, Redskins head coach Jay Gruden and offensive coordinator Sean McVay dialed up the read-option.

As rookie running back Matt Jones lined up to Cousins' left side, the entire offensive line went one direction.

Jones followed, leading the Buccaneers to believe he had the ball. But he didn't -- Cousins still did.

With open room in front of him, Cousins scored an easy rushing touchdown.

It was the first of four total touchdowns on the day for the Michigan State product, and it sparked a 21-0 run for the Redskins that got them back into the game and, eventually, allowed them to win it in dramatic fashion.

"It just furthered my confidence in him," linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said of Cousins. "Kirk is a great football player. It's so awesome to see how he took us down there. He's awesome. Honestly I never had any doubt in him. I know it's easy to say because we won and he got the game-winning touchdown pass. It was a thing of beauty to watch."

Cousins now has two rushing touchdowns on the season.




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