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Feeling Better, Chris Thompson Returns To Practice


After missing the Redskins' most recent game, Chris Thompson went through his first action since falling awkwardly on his back on Oct. 18.

Chris Thompson eased his way back into activity on Monday afternoon, a little more than two weeks after suffering a scary fall against the New York Jets.

Leaping up for what would have surely been an impressive catch from the 5-foot-8, 193-pound running back, Thompson fell awkwardly on his back.

He would lay on the ground in clear pain before being evaluated and re-inserted into the game. The pain, however, was too much to take during the next week leading up to the Redskins' 31-30 comeback victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as he was forced into inactivity.

"I was a little hesitant today, just because I didn't know what to expect," Thompson told on Monday. "I haven't been able to do anything for two weeks now, so I was a little slow early on. As I kept going, I kept picking it up because I was starting to loosen up a bit, but for the most part I feel good. There is still a little swelling left to go, so once that goes away I know I'll be fine."

Thompson spent the majority of last season on the practice squad, but during offseason workouts and training camp this year, it became clear that he was in for a bigger role.

The Florida State product has been a reliable pass-catching threat out of the backfield, something Redskins head coach Jay Gruden wanted from at least one of the running backs, and has run the ball well, too.

The team held him out of the Buccaneers game to give him an extra week of recovery.

"I don't feel it in the morning anymore which is a good thing," Thompson said of his back. "So now it's more just of getting back to playing football. I can go outside and run straight ahead, you know, but it's more of making the cuts, running routes, getting out of my breaks and stuff quick, and working on my flexibility again. Because with that back bruise it's bad -- like everything is super tight still so I'm still just trying to get the flexibility back too. Practice went real good today."

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Thompson also said that he really didn't start feeling a difference until last Monday when "the bruising went away a lot."

"So therefore I was able to bend a little better," Thompson said. "So then at that point starting last week they were able to stretch me out again because I could lay on my back finally. So since then they've been stretching me and I've been getting my flexibility back."

The Redskins face a stiff run defense on Sunday, as the New England Patriots -- one of only four remaining undefeated teams remaining -- are allowing less than 97 rushing yards per game.

After weeks of seeing the running game become less and less productive, Gruden hopes the Redskins can get some sort of breakthrough at Gillette Stadium.

"We've got to get the yards per carry up, have some more confidence in it and just keep working on that," Gruden said last week. "But really, there's room for all of us to improve everywhere, like you said — you know, the passing game, protections, everything. Just take a good look at ourselves, see what we're doing and see how we can improve."




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