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Foerster Excited To Join Redskins' O-Line Tradition


One of the first things Chris Foerster did after joining the Redskins as offensive line coach was to call Joe Bugel.

Foerster, of course, has taken over for Bugel, the architect of the famed "Hogs" offensive line. Bugel retired on Jan. 13 after 32 seasons in the NFL, including coaching the Redskins' offensive line for 15 seasons.

Foerster called following Bugel a "great honor."

"I have a great deal of respect for Coach Bugel and what he has accomplished," Foerster said. "Not knowing him personally, it's more of a respect for the position. And I think for Washington Redskins fans, for the Washington Redskins team, it has always been a very proud position.

"I think the tradition of the 'Hogs' is something really exciting to be a part of and [it's exciting] to build upon what has been done before me."

Foerster, who has 17 years of NFL coaching experience including the last two seasons in San Francisco, discussed the Redskins' offensive line in an exclusive interview with Larry Michael for "Inside the Redskins."

The interview is re-broadcast on the Feb. 17 edition of "Redskins Nation" on Comcast SportsNet and on

Foerster referenced the "Hogs" again when asked about the importance of building a strong rapport and chemistry among offensive linemen.

"The five guys up front, obviously the longer you can keep them together--the famed group the 'Hogs' obviously started this whole tradition," Foerster said. "If you have a bunch of guys that have been ogether for a long time, it's amazing over time how [chemistry] develops.

"I had a young group in San Francisco last year and over the course of just the 16-game schedule, you could see in the last 7-8 games, the guys playing next to each other became more and more comfortable as the season progressed and as they experienced more together. It's invaluable."

Foerster indicated that, in terms of chemistry on the Redskins' 2010 offensive line, the unit would be "starting from ground zero."

"There appears to be a lot of turnover on the offensive line," he said.

Asked to describe his biggest challenge as Redskins' offensive line coach, Foerster replied: "We have to identify the five guys that we're trying to develop into our starting unit. And then we have to develop that chemistry as quickly as possible within those five guys, to have a cohesive and productive unit that we need for the Washington Redskins offense to be successful."

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