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Footwork a Focus For McNabb


This week, Donovan McNabb has found himself answering questions about how Redskins coaches have tweaked his mechanics this year.

The topic was first brought up by broadcaster Cris Collinsworth during the Indianapolis Colts game last Sunday night.

Specifically, coaches have asked McNabb to re-work his footwork as he drops back and moves in the pocket.

McNabb downplayed it, saying that it was one of many tweaks he has made to better adjust to the Redskins' offense.

"I am open for all things," he said. "Ever since I got here I have been working on different things with the coaches and just trying to make this team better and make myself better."

McNabb spent 11 years in Philadelphia's offense and the mechanics required to run that system were like second nature to him.

Has it been difficult to adjust to a new offense and a way of doing things?

"It's not going to happen in a day," he said. "It really all depends on what you do to try to work on it. Sometimes when you have been doing it for a while, you will go back or revert back to what you know or what has gotten you to the point you are at.

"Everything is a work in progress. We are learning a new offense, getting accustomed to each other, getting out and doing what we need to do. That is something that is a progression."

Said head coach Mike Shanahan: "We're asking [McNabb] to do things he hasn't done. A lot of its has to do with footwork...You're constantly working on your mechanics, if it's footwork, speed of the drop, depth of the drop, or whatever type of offense you're running."

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