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For Campbell, A Memorable Day In Dallas


The Redskins' 26-24 win at Dallas in Week 4 was easily one of the great highlights of the 2008 season.

It was a solid victory over an arch-rival, a Dallas team that had started 3-0. Further, it was a game in which Jim Zorn's offense and Greg Blache's defense really shined.

On another level, for linebacker and special teams ace Khary Campbell, the game had a meaning that was even more special.

Not only was Campbell a contributor in the win over the Cowboys on Sept. 28, but also his wife gave birth to their son Shia on that day.

Campbell's wife of two years, Teko, was prepared to give birth the next week, prior to the Redskins' game at Philadelphia. The family had prepared to induce birth so that Campbell could be present for the birth.

They quickly learned that you can't often plan for such things, and Teko went into labor at 4:30 a.m. that Sunday morning, on Sept. 28, five days before her due date.

"Things were escalating so quickly that if I got a flight back, there was a possibility that I would miss both the game and the birth," Campbell said. "My wife said she was fine."

Campbell kept in touch with Teko and his mother, who were at Reston Hospital Center throughout the morning.

He began to feel concerned when he could not get through to them later in the morning.

"When I called the room, they wouldn't answer," Campbell said. "When I called the cell phone, they wouldn't answer. Finally, my mother sent me a text [message], telling me that the baby was here.

"It was a relief to know that Teko was fine, our baby was fine and that I could just focus on the game."

That text message came approximately a half-hour before the Redskins' scheduled kickoff at Texas Stadium.

Campbell made two important special teams tackles in the second half to help the Redskins seal the victory over Dallas.

All the while, Teko and Shia watched comfortably from their hospital bed.

"I told people he was born at that time because he wanted to get out in time to see the game," Campbell said, jokingly.

Campbell just completed his fifth year with the Redskins. He is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason.

He posted 27 special teams tackles to lead Danny Smith's coverage units last season.

"In tight ballgames, field position is key," Campbell said. "We have a lot of internal competition between myself and Alfred Fincher, Mike Sellers and the guys. You want to be able to do something during the course of the game and have bragging rights. Sellers always counts his tackles and wants to surpass me."

Fincher, who is in his first year with the Redskins, is also a linebacker and special teams regular. He takes pride in playing alongside Campbell.

"Khary's the ultimate pro and captain along with Rock on special teams," Fincher said. "He's not really vocal, but he leads by example. When we need a big play, he's the guy who makes it."

Although Campbell has been making an impact with the Redskins for five years, he has been able to keep a pretty low profile off the field.

So low that fans sometimes mistake him for the Redskins quarterback of the same surname.

"I get that often," Campbell said. "There are some fans who automatically assume that I'm Jason."

He adds jokingly: "Then they figure out he's taller and not as good-looking."

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