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Fred Smoot Media Session

On his injury suffered in the Giants game:

"It is my hip. I took a knee to the hip last night. They say nothing is out of place, nothing is fractured. From a bruised hip bone to a hip pointer or whatever they want to call it, I think I should be good. We have 10 days to the next game. I think I should be ready to play."

On the adjustments the defense made in the second quarter:

"What Greg [Blache] told us to do was press. We were playing off in some of our Cover 3's and they started to dink and dunk. So he told us to make them beat us deep. From about the end of the second quarter to the end of the game they did not get any deep passes. I guess that was the thing to do. Our coaches did a great job. I think Greg Blache did a great job. Especially when we came in at the end of the half and he knew everything we needed to do and corrected everything."

On loss to the Giants:

"We killed ourselves and I think people are making a big deal out of losing 16-7 to the SuperBowl champs. They were the best team in the NFL last year and they proved that, and even though we stepped on our toes the whole first half, I believe we still had a chance to win that game in the second half, but we didn't. And that's what makes them better than us right now, they're not killing themselves."

On his dropped interception in the endzone:

"I didn't see it coming. Actually Eli Manning audibled at the line and I think that they were supposed to run the ball first, but audibled to a pass. I kept looking at Amani Toomer, and when I looked up the ball hit me in the face but I still should have caught the ball."

On Jim Zorn's post game message:

"He said that none of us are perfect and that we need to be men and stand up on our own feet and admit when we are wrong. It's not just that we messed up, but what are we going to do to get better? We didn't play a perfect game, but we have a lot to build on. He said that it was the first game of the season and that he's not just going to jump into a panic, because he still has a lot of growing and learning to do as well."

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