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Garçon-Griffin III Workouts Already Booked


Individual performance only gets you so far in football, the ultimate team sport.

Last season, Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garçon had the best receiving season in franchise history, hauling in 113 passes to smash Art Monk's 29-year-old record.

That wasn't good enough for the top-flight receiver, however, as the team's 3-13 record is what he remembers from 2013.

During his sit-down interview with Redskins.comTV on radio row at the Super Bowl, Garçon explained what happened this past season and what he is doing to make amends.

"When things are going bad, people want to find something that has to be wrong with it," he said, downplaying the reported lack of leadership on the team. "They're always picking with something to make it stick.

"There wasn't really much that was going wrong. We just weren't finishing games. We weren't playing the whole 60 minutes. But it's part of the game."

A part of the game that Garçon has witnessed before.

In 2011, Pierre's Indianapolis Colts lost future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, receiver Reggie Wayne and tight end Dallas Clark to injury.

Garçon responded with his breakout season, hauling in 70 passes for 947 yards and six touchdowns, all meeting or exceeding career highs.

This year in Washington, Garçon shined despite the team's struggles, catching 113 passes for 1,346 yards and five scores.

"We take the good times and the bad times," he said, keeping the conversation focused on the team. "When we were winning two years ago, everybody was amazing, everybody was healthy, everybody was good.

"But it's part of football. You take it. You live it and learn. You move forward."

Part of moving forward is preparing for next season with a fully healthy Robert Griffin III and a new coaching staff and offensive system.

In order to hit the ground running, Garçon told Redskins.comTV that he had already scheduled trips to work out with Griffin III during the offseason.

"We've already got that date set up. We've already got a place," he said with a grin. "We're going to go to Arizona, work out there. We'll probably do some more in Ashburn. Probably go to Baylor a little bit.

"We're definitely going to be around. Probably go to Miami. I'm trying to talk him into going to Miami. South Florida is home.

"I don't mind going to Arizona, going to Baylor, going to different places. I enjoy traveling."

With regards to the talent on the offense, Garçon left no question that he believes in the talent at skill positions.

"We have a good offense. We definitely have great players," he stated. "We have a good tight end, a good running back, a good quarterback, good receivers.

"What else do you need on offense?"

That faith in his teammates is the foundation of his belief that the Redskins will be right back in the thick of things next season.

"You've got to believe in your teammates," he said. "I see the work that they put in every day. I know the players. I see how hard they work, and I definitely believe in all of them.

"I'm looking forward to it again, next year, to tell you the truth."




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