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Gibbs Encouraged As Team Preps For Bills

On if he has been encouraged about the way the team has responded the past couple of days:

"I would say our guys have been real, real professional all week. The way they handled everything emotionally and everything this week, I think they did as good as you can do. We'll see with the emotion and everything that happened this week how we will play."

On if he feels that the fewest words he will have to speak to motivate a team will be on Sunday:

"You're right in that our players already know the situation. There's not much I say anyway. The make up their mind and you point them towards things you think are important, but certainly I think in this case we haven't said much all week really."

On the atmosphere in the stadium on Sunday:

"I just know our fans always handle things better than anyone else handles them and they also bring great emotion to the stadium. I know it will be an emotional day."

On what he will miss about Sean Taylor as a football player:

"As a football player, when you think about it, the shocking thing for me is I looked down the other day and you read he is 24. I think he was probably going to set records for a safety. That's what I feel. In particular the way his life had pretty much changed and he had matured over the last year and a half. The guy would come out and run six laps before practice. He was one of the best trained athletes we had. He took it upon himself over the last six months or so to completely change his diet and the way he eats. He was really going to be somebody that would probably set records and that position."

On if he thinks Randy Thomas (OG, #77) will play Sunday:

"Randy looked good in practice all week. It was another step up for him. We always leave it up to the player and the medical team as to the status for the game and everything. He took another step up this week. It was good to see him out there and good to see him working."

On if he has talked to Reed Doughty (S, #37) about filling in Sean Taylor's position:

"Our players have had good practice work this week. I don't talk to them about something like that. It's pretty much they will hopefully play as hard as they can play and do the things they can do. I don't think anybody is going to try and be Sean. I don't you could do that or take his place."

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