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Gibbs: 'It Was Our Brand Of Football'

On the game in general:

"I felt like it was our brand of football. It was what we wanted to do. We talked about that last week and what type of football team we are. I felt like it was very physical all the way around, with special teams leading the way and dong their part. It was the defense and offense controlling the line of scrimmage against what I felt was a real good football team. It was a big step up for us. It is a tribute to our players when you think about all the things that do happen when you are 3-7. There are a lot of tough things that happen to a football team. It is a real test of character. For me that is one thing that I appreciate about our guys. They have great character and they have been through a lot this year."

On how they played offensively against the Panthers:

"We felt like we were very physical, had great hustle and finally got a big play with Chris (Cooley, TE, #47). Jason (Campbell, QB, #17) did a fantastic job. To rush for 143 yards against them and to have Ladell (Betts, RB, #46) have 104 yards is exceptional. We were matched up against some real good football players. They are a heck of a football team and our guys rose to the occasion. We had a very poor four minute operation at the end of the game. We gave them the ball back which was tough. We had one sack but when you look at it St. Louis had seven against them. They are very good at rushing the passer. We had three fumbles with two of them getting on the ground. We lost the time of possession by a little bit. We had two misses in short yardage and we only had one play of over 20 yards which concerns us. There are a lot of things there even though we felt like we stepped up and played extremely well. There are a lot of things that we still need to work on. We have a lot that we can improve upon."

On how they played defensively against the Panthers:

"It was very hard and very physical. We swarmed to the football. We gave up 13 points. We had two takeaways which is important. We had 10 series where they were three-and-out. You count on your defense to lead you and certainly our defense did in this game. The defense could get discouraged because we are not scoring points early in the ball game. The defense just stayed after it. We had an exceptional performance. We had a big fourth down stop by Sean (Taylor, S, #21). We had good pressure and most of it was a four man rush. For the first time this year we gave up zero explosive passing plays. We gave up one explosive run. Our defense definitely led us in this game. They did a terrific job and there was exceptional effort on their part. The negatives were two defensive penalties and we gave up four third down conversions on the 15-play drive."

On how they played on special teams against Carolina:

"One of the things that we measure ourselves on is their starting yard line and ours. We started on the 37 and they started on the 25. That is a huge deal for us. We felt like Derrick (Frost, P, #4) did an exceptional job punting. We had four inside the 20, which is exceptional. We had very good kick off coverage. We had 11 different guys make tackles. Our punt protection concerns us. We have a lot of work there. We missed our field goal. We count on our special teams leading us and I think they did a heck of a job. They gave us great starting position. It was the best we have had all year."

On where the team goes after the win:

"To consistently do it, that's our challenge. Can we consistently come back and do it?"

On Sean Taylor (S, #21):

"For the year, I thought he has had great concentration. I think he has made just about every practice. Sean has been real focused. There are a lot of reasons we don't play well but Sean's play has been a bright sport for us. Whenever he gets his hands on the ball good things seem to happen to us. That is what happened in this game too."

On a recent article and if it had ramifications inside the locker room:

"We kind of go through a lot of things here together. You kind of live together, 12-14 hours a day with the players. It's 18-20 hours with the coaches. We're all grinding here. When you're 3-7, you have to understand that bad things are going to happen. I think I know our football team. Last week, I had more players come into my office with suggestions. I think I have a good feel, the way the team feels and how they react. I think it's just part of life and you have to understand up here that there are going to be some tough things you're going to go through and tough things are going to be said and written."

On the anonymous quotes in the Internet article:

"I'm not going to address [an anonymous quote]. I think our football team, like I said, I have a good feel for it."

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