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Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Bears

Opening Statement:

"From the Redskins standpoint, I told the guys in the locker room that we've been through a lot in six weeks. I was really proud of them. I felt like we were playing hard and doing some good things, and all of a sudden you get a tipped ball and it goes for a touchdown. You would think that, when something like that has happened as often as it has this year, would get down, but our guys kept fighting. Today was really hard fought. I want to congratulate the Bears, Lovie Smith has done a great job. They've been in every game, just like us. We just found a way to get an extra field goal out there."

On the defense:

"At the end there, it seemed like we were bound and determined to put it in there hands. We were going to try to get a first down running but couldn't. We punted the ball and our defense just played great. That's been the story the first six weeks."

On the offense:

"We have to find a way offensively. I feel like our running game came back today but we still need to make plays over there. We have a lot of hard work to do. We have a week off."

On the injuries heading into the game:

"I was really concerned heading into the game that a lot of guys couldn't play. A lot of our guys were beat up. I'm hoping in the next two weeks that we get some guys back. It would really help us. We're going to need them down the stretch."

On Mark Brunell:

"I want to spend some time looking at the film, but I thought Mark played smart. He didn't throw the ball where it could be a turnover. I think what we had were some missed assignments on some big plays. We took some shots today. We didn't get hooked up on anything. But we took our shots-it may not have looked that way, but we had a breakdown in pass protection here and a missed blitz, and he had to end up scrambling out of the pocket. The other thing is, I think he'll be a lot healthier two weeks from now. He'll add the dimension of being able to get out of the pocket and run for us."

On Clinton Portis:

"Clinton is a little bit like the rest of us, he's taken a lot of grief the last few weeks. I've been really proud of him. He pretty much looks you in the face and says, Give it to me. Put it on my shoulders.' I think today he certainly did that. He made some real big plays. He comes off the field and he has a real good feeling for what he thinks will run. He comes up and gives you advice. He did communicate it that way."

On finally getting a win:

"It's been a tough six weeks. Every game was a close game, within a touchdown. I don't know any other way to put it except that we've been through some real battle-tested games here. Hopefully we'll get healthy now. I would like to see us get healthy and freshened up. We need some time off for the players. We have a long 10 games left here."

On the passing game:

"I think our guys in the passing game made some plays early and kept us going, but then we kind of went cold. But we ran the ball well."

On overcoming the adversity of the first-half turnover:

"It was a time of real testing. I told the guys, It's a real character test.' We have some real character guys and hopefully we'll keep working. We have a long way to go, we know that. Offensively, we need to spend a couple of weeks here to see what can get us going."

On Ola Kimrin:

"We had him on standby, but I guess he felt like it was time to give up. John Hall went down on Thursday and we went to call him, he was on a plane to Sweden. We had everybody at the airport alerted, it seemed like. When he landed, we told him to get on the next plane and come back. So he did. It's a credit to him. We really like him. He kicked the game-winner for us at the Hall of Fame Game back in August. He bailed us out today."

On trying to run out the clock:

"We couldn't get a first down. It becomes extremely tougher when they know you're going to run it. It's a tough situation to be in. I just wanted to be real careful with the football there."

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