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Gibbs Post-Game: Redskins-Panthers

Opening Statement:

"We really needed this. It is a real morale booster for all our guys. It's really a tribute to them, and the fact that, after everything we've been through it was a tribute to their character. I feel like today was our style of football, and it was good to get back to that. Everybody contributed: our special teams and certainly our defense were outstanding. There's nothing like playing in front of our group here at FedEx [Field]. It's still a tough road here, but all I know is that we played a heck of a game today against a real good football team. We just have to take them one at a time and see what happens."

On the defense and specifically Sean Taylor (#21, FS) on the interception:

"Whatever Sean wants to do with the ball, he can do it. Every time he ends up with the ball in his hands, we do good things. Everybody was excited and thought it was over and guys came off the bench; it could have cost us. Sean makes great decisions, and I think he could play three or four positions on the football team."

On Jason Campbell (#17, QB) and his play at the end of the game:

"It showed me a lot. Some of those plays, he steps up in the pocket and since he's so big he can see things and make plays. I think what he gives us too is athleticism. On the touchdown pass [in the third quarter to Antwaan Randle El] in particular, that's two weeks in a row. I think we could not have asked a whole lot more from his play. He's been up against two of the toughest defenses in Tampa and Carolina, and so that's good news for us. His preparation and everything has been outstanding."

On the defense's play in stopping the run:

"I was so pleased with the fact that the defense played the way they did. That's signature defense for us and it has been for the first two years. We had talked about our style of football and what we wanted to do, and I felt that today, that's what we were able to accomplish."

On Chris Cooley (#47, TE):

"Everybody knows what Chris means to us. I feel so bad when we can't get him the ball like we'd like to. He's a big playmaker, he can run with the ball. Nobody works harder in practice and is more prepared. He's also on the line of scrimmage blocking stuff all the time. We've got things schemed up to try and get the ball to him, but it's hard because the defense knows what we're trying to do. Certainly today [his touchdown catch] was a great play, and Jason made a great throw on that. Both guys bounced back from tough plays before."

On stopping Carolina's Steve Smith (#89, WR):

"Everybody out there has great respect for him. I think he's one of the toughest and most talented football players that you face as an outside receiver. For us to be able to hold him down – he's ruined some people in this league – I felt like our defensive guys did a great job there. We knew going in, they have a lot of outstanding guys on their team, and our guys had great respect for them."

On the running game with Ladell Betts (#46, RB) and T.J. Duckett (#36, RB):

"Ladell was explosive and he can run physical. T.J, we'd love for him to carry it more and more and more. They're both classy guys. If you go to practice every single day, Ladell never says a word. He just says, 'Tell me what you want me to do.' And T.J., nobody is more of a team guy and a consummate pro than that guy is. He has been in a tough role ever since he got here. A lot of guys would have their lip out, and be throwing a fit, and that's the last thing in the world that he does."

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