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Gibbs Proud of Redskins' Comeback vs. Jets

On the game against the New York Jets:

"One of the most important things was that we lost the game a week ago 52-7. Then all of the sudden we are on the sidelines in New York and we are down 17-3. If there is ever a point where you have some guys say, 'Hang it up' or are totally discouraged with what was going on it could have been our football team. That wasn't the case at all. I was proud of our guys and the way they went after it. There was not a player that did not keep swinging and it took every single one of us. I was proud of the way that we came roaring back. It is a tribute to the character of our football team and the fact that last Monday was a real statement on the kind of players we have here and the character and how they care about things. I mentioned all the meetings they were in themselves. Thank goodness we knew what to expect going up there. It is a tough place to play. I have to give them a lot of credit. They had a young quarterback (Kellen Clemens, #11) go in and play extremely well. We wound up in a real hole and it took every single one of us to fight our way back out in all three phases, teams, offense and defense."

On how they played on special teams against the Jets:

"Our pluses were obviously Shaun (Suisham, K, #6), to hit those field goals like he did was great for us. The other thing that was great for us at the end of the game one of the real critical things that happened to us was that we punted the ball. There was a penalty on the punt. I felt like we had good field position because the ball bounced our way. Then we had to turn around and re-punt that thing from deep in our end zone. One of the biggest plays in the game was Derrick (Frost, P #4) nailing it and then we had great coverage. What that did was flip the field and it really helped us. Our specialist on both sides did a great job for us. The opening kick off was disappointing for us. Having said that we knew going in that the two things we were focused on was that they were going to rush every punt, thank goodness we didn't punt that much, and second was their kickoff return. That guy (Leon Washington, RB) is leading the league right now and we certainly did not hurt that. They are impressive as everyone saw."

On how they played defensively against the Jets:

"Our defense continues to lead us. We had a big turnover in there which is easily at least a six point swing. We took it down for a field goal and they were already in field goal range. It was a good team win for us. We allowed only 13 points with our defense. They are doing what they need to do. We started the second half with a three and out. We had a couple of penalties that we did not like. Our yards-per-carry average was not what we wanted, mainly because the quarterback did a real good and scrambled on us several times. We gave up four explosive plays."

On how they played offensively against the Jets:

"Offensively we did a lot of good things and kind of bounced back. We averaged 6.2 yards per rush, which is huge for us. We had 296 yards rushing. Clinton (Portis, RB #26) had a big day. Ladell (Betts, RB #46) when he got in there did a great job. Mike Sellers (FB, #45) did a very good job. We had four drives of 10 plays or more in the game, which was great for us. We did not have any three and outs. We had nine plays of 15 yards or more and we had 15 plays of 10 or more, which is a big deal for us. We had time of possession, 431 total yards and 46 percent on third down. We had a lot of guys that played outstanding football for us. We talked about being more successful in the running game and I felt like certainly we did that."

On the mid-point of the season:

"One of the goals we had was to finish the first half of the season with the best record that we could. We are sitting at 5-3 right now. As you can see as the year went for us, with the exception of two games, one game was lopsided for us and we lost one big one, but the rest of those games were extremely close. I think it is going to be that way all year long for us. It is going to come down to close ball games. I am thrilled we are coming back home. We have Philly and we have such respect for them. It is going to take all of us in that stadium. If somehow we could get to 6-3 it would be a great deal for us. Our football team continues to fight real hard. I am extremely proud of them and I was certainly proud of them in this game."

On his assessment of the team's record:

"We are 5-3. I am happy with five of them and I am not with three. That is how I would describe it. You fight your guts out every week. The best way I can categorize it, and our fans can see it too, all of us are in a war. It is going to go for 16 weekends. We have finished the first half of it. That is the way you can evaluate it. We had two disappointing losses in there. We had two overtime games where we came back to win it in the fourth quarter. I was thrilled to get that one yesterday. We were in a big hole to start the game off. I think it showed a lot of character for our guys."

On if success running the ball will help with some deeper passes:

"I think they go together. The other thing depends on how a team plays. This team was sitting back. They were going to make us rush the football. I was proud of our guys that took the challenge. When they do that it is going to limit what you are going to do deep, but it is also going to give you an opportunity to run. If they are back you have to be able to run. If they are up you have to be able to throw. That is why we talk about the balance that we would like to have. You have to be able to run and you have to be able to pass."

On the status of Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85):

"Brandon and I talked things over and we will go back to work on Wednesday."

On Brandon Lloyd's productivity:

"I think he would like to be more productive. It hasn't happened for us. We have to continue to work at that. We have a big investment in him. We think he can and we just have to get it done. In this case it an incident where he missed a meeting. I felt like that was the best option for us to take."

On whether Brandon Lloyd will be deactivated again:

"Just like when he originally came here and we started off we want him to be productive. We are certainly going to continue to give him opportunities to be productive. Up here you have to earn it. Hopefully this will be the last instance we have like this and we can move along and get on down the road with it."

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