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Gibbs: Redskins 'Exhausted' But Exhilarated

Opening Statement:

"From the Redskins standpoint we're totally exhausted. Very emotional, very tough place to come and play, you have to give a big thumbs up to their fans; it's a tough environment. Coach Childress has done a great job with the football team and for us to go on the road like this, and we're just thrilled really to be quite truthful, humble and thrilled. Our guys have fought extremely hard. We've been through a lot this year. Very emotional; the Lord has blessed us with a great group of guys that have a great heart and character. They fought extremely hard today. We are just thrilled to get a victory here and have a chance next week. We've got a huge game next week at our place. Thrilled to be going back home after two very tough road games."

On reversing a critical fumble in the second half due to 12 men on the field for the Vikings defense:

"Yeah, I still don't know who gets the credit upstairs, because a number of guys upstairs were saying that, "Hey coach you know they've got 12 guys out there", so we decided to challenge it. Thank goodness it went our way. I think it was obviously the right call. I think everybody probably saw it. We were trying to hurry up because what we wanted to do was get a play run we got a special call we make in that situation to try and get the ball snapped quick before they can challenge. That's what we were trying to do and we fumbled the snap and it got away from us, so it turned around and we ended up challenging."

On if it says something about the character of the defense to step up and stop Adrian Peterson:

"It does. Our defensive coaches everybody over there, I thought they had a great game plan. They had a multiple number of things that they were doing. It's a huge challenge. The running backs, their offensive line, every part of that team, you don't lead the league in rushing up here unless you are a tough bunch of guys or really good. Felt like it was a great game plan on the defensive side over there and they got the balls for us several times. Everybody knows it's tough to make yards on them. They missed a guy or two today too; we've got a lot of respect for them."

On if Clinton Portis could be the No. 3 quarterback:

"Clinton we gave him another chance down there, but he was smart. He took that thing and we told him, we threatened him before the play, if it's not there you better tuck it, which he did. He made a good decision on it. "

On the Redskins being the first team to go over 100 yards rushing against the Vikings:

"Well, you earn every inch here. I've got great respect for them they are extremely tough. You can understand why they have that many Pro Bowl players and a bunch of them on defense. They are a very physical, l tough bunch of guys and the two things you probably want as a coach in most situations, is to be able to run it. They are number one in the league running it, and stopping it. You have to give them a big thumbs up on that. Our guys knew it, we were going to have to play an outstanding game. We knew we were going to have to earn every inch. I was proud of our guys to be able to get that many yards rushing. It's hard to do."

On the team's journey to 8-7:

"It's hard to really put in words. We had four brutal last second losses. Four in a row you'd figure that would take the life out of most teams. Emotionally to lose Sean (Taylor) the way we did, I think all of that for us, I don't know if you can put it in words. It's just been a real long journey. I am so proud of our guys that they are able to bounce back and play as hard as they have over the last three weeks. That was three very physical, tough teams I think. The Bears we've got great respect for them and also certainly for New York and to come here we knew what we were facing here, and so I am really proud of our guys. I am thrilled to be going back home to tell you the truth."

On whether Dallas will rest starters:

"If I had to guess I would guess they will play as hard as they can. I think that we will get everything they've got. We got to have it. We have to get ready to play the game of our life. It's going to be at our place. I'm thrilled we get back in front of our crowd and hopefully I know that they always help us. We have not got what we want yet; we have to win this game."

On playing well late in the year:

"I think the Redskins--we pride ourselves on playing good late. I think that this team, what it's gone through emotionally and everything our teams gone through, I haven't experienced anything like this really."

On the 4th-and-1 stop and whether it affected the team:

"No, I think to turn around and get that safety right after the reversal was huge for us. If you are going to be a playoff team your defense has to lead you and I think that's what has happened here so far."

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