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Gibbs Says Ground Game Needs to Improve

On how they played offensively against Arizona:

"We played extremely hard. We had a good drive in the third quarter, which was an 11-play TD drive. I would loved to have had more than that but we had one real good drive there to put us up 21-6. It was probably the highlight for the offense. In the red zone we were very good. We missed a field goal but other than that we were 67% total. We were real good in the red zone and scored rushing the football. We did a good job with that. We had no fumbles on the ground. Our quarterback continues, this is three weeks in a row where if we had caught everything that Jason (Campbell, QB #17) threw he would have been well over 70 percent these three games. We scored twice on the five yard line and did a good job there. Our negatives on offense we had a turnover and didn't rush the ball. That is something we put a big emphasis on. We didn't get it done here. Our guys all know, we all do, that we must do a better job of rushing the football going forward if we are going to be successful. Our third downs were only 33%. We had three penalties, one sack and only one okay of over 20 yards, which is something that can really haunt you. We had three times where we were three downs and out, which really hurt us."

On how they played on special teams against the Cardinals:

"Our average starting line was the 35 and theirs was the 30, so that is a big plus for us, we won the battle there. We had no penalties which is very important for us on teams. Everything we get we are keeping. That is a big deal for us. We had three kicks inside the 20, at the 9, 13 and 14, keeping them going a long way. Kickoff coverage was excellent. They averaged 14 yards per return. Our punt coverage was excellent. Our kickoff return, everybody got a block on the kickoff return. It was a great effort. It started the third quarter which is a big deal for us. We have talked about sustaining momentum at half time. I really appreciate Rock's (Cartwright, RB, #31) effort on that. He got a slight hamstring on that otherwise I think we would have scored. Even though we struggled some punting that last punt was one when we really needed to have it. I think it was a 47 yard net. I appreciate Derrick (Frost, P #4). I think he is a competitor. At the right time in the game you like to see that from somebody. You may struggle for a while but he pounded one when he needed to have it. On punt returns (Antwaan) Randle El averaged 10 yards per return. We played extremely hard on special teams. One negative was the punt block. One of the biggest plays of the game was Kedric (Golston, DL #64) blocking that extra point. That was a big deal for us. That changed the whole complexion of the game. It was a heck of a job on his part. We were disappointed on the onside kick. What happened to us was we were cautious in a couple of spots. We got blocked on the guys that went aggressively at it. It just goes to show you it is never over until it is over. We also missed a field goal."

On how they played defensively against Arizona:

"On defense we played very hard like we did on special teams and on offense. We played very physical and fast. We had three takeaways. The way we started that game I really thought our defense was going to have a dominate day. It kind of affected some of the things we wanted to do on offense. I really appreciated how hard our guys played. They had three takeaways. We had a couple of others that we had in our hands that we didn't get. We stopped a two point play. We also stopped a fourth down play at midfield. We scored on defense. We set up another score. We had 2.8 yards per rush, which is excellent. The negatives were that we had five penalties. Two of them were on third down which extended drives. We gave up five explosive plays. We gave up 19 points. We gave up a touchdown on a sudden change, which is one of the things that our guys pride themselves on, not letting that happen to us. There are a lot of, as our coaches put it, teachable moments. We feel like there is a lot we can learn from this."

On if the defense's play influences the offense at all:

"You are never quite sure what is going to happen. If you are down 14-0 in the first half you are going to start winging it. You are going to be much more aggressive in the things you call. In this game, as the game started out, I was influenced and Al (Saunders, Associate Head Coach – Offense) was as we talked in the fact that our defense was playing so well. It definitely affects the way the game is played out. In this case it was 14-0 and the defense was playing extremely well. We were both on the same page. I thought Al did a good job of controlling the game"

On not having as many big plays:

"We want to get big plays down the field. We talk about that all the time. We have to find a way to get that done. That has been a big negative for us. We don't like it and it is something that we want to try and correct."

On having three consecutive three and outs:

"What we were wanting to do towards the end was keep the clock running. Thank God we did because they would have had another 30 seconds there. Certainly that was a big downfall three times three and out. We can't have that. That is not getting done what we want to get done. I know our players feel the same way. A bunch of them said it after the game. You put yourself in a real risk if you can't convert there. We tried to take a shot or two down the sideline, one with James (Thrash, WR #83) and a slip screen with Santana (Moss, WR #89). We were trying to take a shot or two. You are also conscious to keep the clock running."

On if the lack of run game would sway the balance and make him have Jason Campbell (QB #17) air it out more:

"It depends week to week on who you are playing. This week the way the game started off and certainly against Green Bay I think we did air it out. We threw it a bunch. The problem there is we dropped a bunch. It goes game to game. Certainly at times we have thrown in quite a bit. Certainly we always want to run it."

On New England's defense:

"I heard different people say this week that they are on pace to break every record on offense. A big part of that is their defense and special teams. What happens is they are getting the ball back and their offense is so prolific that people are having a tough time stopping them. I think they are on an all time pace to set records. We have been looking at them and it is hard to find anything there. There is no weakness that we can find. They have great talent and are extremely well coached."

On New England head coach Bill Bellicheck:

"I have great respect for him after the years of going against him. It was more the Giants with (Bill) Parcells. I have great respect for them from a coaching standpoint, playing standpoint and personnel wise. It is hard right now to find anything there, I think everyone in football is saying the same thing, they are on record pace. It is an awful tough situation to be going into."

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