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Gibbs: 'Tough Environment' In Dallas

Opening Statement:

"We told our football team that it's a tough environment to come here and play and Dallas obviously has a real good football team. I told our guys that I was proud of them. I felt like they came out with a great attitude and really went after it. I was proudest the way they fought and I felt they went after it the full 60 minutes. It's one of those things were we got to find a way for us to make a couple more plays. There is still a lot of football left out there for us, and I think there is still a lot in front of us, but we're going to have to find a way to play like that and make a few more plays."

On the defense:

"I think it's probably hard for me to stand here and analyze it. Gregg (Williams), Steve (Jackson) and Jerry (Gray) probably have a better idea of what all happen. We had some guys obviously playing some new spots back there. I felt like attitude wise and going after it the first half, that's a real good offensive team they have and I felt like our guys laid it on the line. I think we had some young guys that got opportunities today and played different spots for us and everything and I was really proud of their effort."

On Rocky McIntosh's overturned interception and the momentum swing:

"I thought it was real big. I personally I don't know, you guys saw it. I was curious how close it was I need to see it myself."

On Jason Campbell:

"I think Jason continues for us. I have to tell you I am really proud of him. This is a real real tough environment to come here and play, crowd noise and everything and he handled it all extremely well. I thought he was courageous today he stood in there and made some great plays. I think as much as anything for him it was great to get Santana back in there. But for a young quarterback like that it would sure help if we could get help receiving. By the time you get in the grove somebody is out and it's extremely tough for a young guy and he hasn't had a chance to work with Santana for a number of weeks. I am really proud of him and we all are, we think we got an exceptional player there."

On if he can pinpoint anything as far as team philosophy or chemistry:

"I don't think you can pinpoint it. Like I said earlier we have come from behind, but we have won games four times in the second half. So we are capable of doing it."

On Terrell Owens:

"I think he is an exceptional football player. I think they have a very explosive offensive. I think they have been averaging about 32 a game. They are a very very good football team and they should be congratulated. They have done a real good job of putting everything together."

On playoff hopes:

"I think that what you have to do is, there are six games left. Were 5-5. Everybody kind of knows our situation. Tomorrow we go in and talk it over. I think what encouraged me today was our effort, going after it as hard as we did like I said we had some young guys get their opportunity do to injury and hopefully will learn from that and I think again it's taking it one at a time. We have a huge game next week for us. It will be getting ourselves ready and see if we can play like that again and find a way to make some plays. It's going to be a tough place for us to go in and play and again we're on the road, and it will be a big deal for us next week."

On the game plan for defending Owens:

"We had multiple schemes back there and we tried to do the best we could, but I think he is a real talented guy and they found him a few times on us."

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