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Gibbs: 'We Just Kept Swinging' vs. Eagles

Opening Remarks:

"For us, it was extremely hard fought, as I'm sure you could probably tell. It was an extremely hard football game, just like last week. Obviously, we didn't do some things well, we missed some things, but the thing that I was really proud of is we just kept fighting. We have a lot of respect for that football team, and for our defense to play the way they did against the quarterback who has given us the most trouble, and a heck of a running back. I think they have a great scheme. It's a tough place to come and play and really, for me, it was just kind of like last week--it was really hard fought. In all areas, we just kept swinging. It wasn't pretty at times, but we just kept after it and I was proud of our guys and their effort in the game tonight. That's a really good football team we beat tonight in a tough place to play."

On the importance of QB Jason Campbell throwing that touchdown pass:

"I think him making that throw definitely helped. I'm sure if I look at the film I'll see some things with Jason. He's a young guy, he's still growing and there's some things I'm sure he wishes he'd hit, but it was a huge momentum swing. Right before the half, it was great to see him hit that. I think we could have helped him today, though. We dropped some things and I think we could have helped him more. Overall, it was extremely hard fought and a total team effort."

On the Eagles' decision to call a timeout with Washington's FG unit on the field:

"I can't speak for anybody else, but on our side there was a lot of confusion, obviously a lot of stuff going on. Some field goal guys started going out on the field, and I wasn't going to risk anything, so I decided to kick at that point. I didn't want to run the risk of a mess at the end of the half with no timeouts. Of course, I had a chance to rethink it with the timeout and we decided to take a shot. I was nervous on that because a lot of bad things can happen in that situation, but we decided to take a chance."

On keeping the Eagles out of the end zone:

"Extremely hard to do. I don't think that's going to happen again. Our defense played extremely hard. I mentioned that Donovan has done the best job against us of any quarterback. I think they're very talented over there, and like I said, it was a great job by the defense, scrambling and fighting the whole way."

On S LaRon Landry's last play to stop the reception:

"It was a great play. I couldn't see it that well, but all of the defensive guys said it was a great play. Landry's done a great job for us so far. He doesn't play like a rookie."

On OL Randy Thomas' injury:

"I think it's a bicep muscle, and we'll just have to wait until the doctors give us a report."

On the offensive line playing well given that it's the second week someone has gotten injured:

"I think [OL] Jason Fabini must have done a great job. He's a veteran guy, and it's a tribute to the whole offensive line. Jon Jansen is a huge part of our football team. He's a very emotional leader for us and to have Todd Wade jump in there and, I haven't seen the film, but I'd say he played very well. And, to have Jason jump in there, too, when we lost Randy, was a real tribute to those guys. They played pretty dad-gum good from where I was standing."

On the defense's pressure on Eagles' QB Donovan McNabb:

"I really think it's hard to limit him. He makes really good plays. I've got great respect for him. He's extremely hard to get down. I think he's very, very tough, and mentally tough. He makes plays that the normal quarterback doesn't make. Lots of times when he gets out of the pocket, he hurts you."

On the struggles against the Eagles in the past and whether or not this was a statement game:

"I don't think it was a statement that we made, I just know that it was extremely hard fought. We knew what we were up against in a tough place; one of the toughest places in the NFL to come and play. We had a tough time with them. We lost twice last year, but I was proud of our guys and the effort they gave tonight."

On the importance of this win for the team's psyche:

"For any team, it's extremely important to get off to a good start. We had a hard-fought game last week against Miami, and then we come here. It's a huge boost for you, I think it gives you some confidence. It shows us that we're capable. Now we have a lot that we can improve upon, that's obvious, but I think what we do have is a bunch of guys who really lay it on the line."

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