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Gibbs: 'We've Helped Ourselves So Far'

In only the first three days of free agency, the Redskins have once again become key players, adding four key components to the defense while also trading for a new quarterback and a new tailback.

When Joe Gibbs said the Redskins would be aggressive in free agency, he certainly wasn't being deceptive.

So with the acquisitions of Mark Brunell, Clinton Portis, Phillip Daniels, Marcus Washington, Cornelius Griffin and Shawn Springs chalked up in the "In" column, what's next on Joe Gibbs' shopping list?

"We still have some key things we're pursuing here," Gibbs said, declining to go into specifics on what players or positions the team is targeting. "I think it'll probably go into next week with everything we're trying to get done."

The Redskins have focused on upgrading every aspect of the team, including free agency with the re-signings of long snapper Ethan Albright and linebacker Kevin Mitchell.

"I think we've been very aggressive," Gibbs said. "I don't think you're always going to get everything that you want, but I'm very happy with they guys we have and I think we've really helped our football team. I can't wait to get everybody together at the first mini-camp and see all the guys out on the field."

Gibbs, on how the team's off-season strategy is playing out:

"The biggest thing for us is that since we have one first rounder and one fifth round pick, free agency is going to be pretty much a big deal for us. As far as the college players, we're going to be going after undrafted college guys. But in free agency, we wanted to go as far as we could solidifying the different positions on our team with the best talent we could.

"I think free agency is a game-plan thing. You start off on it and it can change on you, which it did several times on us. You're trying to get somebody and you realize that's not going to work.

"But I'm really excited about the quality of guys we have signed. They're young and they have good careers in front of them. I think they're the right kind of people. They've been good team guys and they've been productive. I really think we've helped ourselves so far."

On navigating the salary cap:

"Obviously you only have a certain amount you can work with. It's a limiting factor, but we have to abide by that. You have to be careful. But we have an overall plan and you're trying to help yourself all the way across the board. We've strengthened our team and I feel good about it."

On the long-term plan:

"My first concern when I came back into the league was, in the past we built everything on having a core group of players who were real Redskin guys. I had long discussions with everybody here about that as I took a look at the salary cap and what that meant.

"We really believe that when we get a good player, we've looked at everything and I believe we can keep our guys together. That's a big deal for me. It's not a three-year deal for me, it's a long-term deal.

"We're looking for Redskins and hopefully if we get the right guys, then I'm going to be looking to keep them together into their 30s. We want them playing here into their 30s. That's my goal and I think you can do that."

On who will be the team's primary pass rushers:

"I think as your team winds up, you have to evaluate where your good pass rushers are. It could be the end, it could be the linebackers. Obviously LaVar [Arrington] is heck of a pass rusher as a linebacker, but in essence he's an end, too. Either he puts his hand down, he goes, or he stands up, he goes and he's over the tackle. Scheme-wise, you can get to the pass rusher when you're blitzing, but the real good teams get there with a limited number of guys."

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