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Gray: Taylor Has 'Stepped Up'

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. Today: Jerry Gray on Sean Taylor and the challenges presented by the New England Patriots:

"Sean Taylor has stepped up for us this year in terms of creating turnovers. When you look back at Sean in college [at Miami], that's what he did. He had 14 interceptions in his junior and senior year [combined].

"Last year he did a lot for us and he went to the Pro Bowl. This year, it was, 'How can we get more turnovers?' He had something like 120 tackles last year, but just one interception.

"We said, 'How can we get him 12 interceptions and 90 tackles?' Because they're turnovers, 12 interceptions are obviously a whole lot better than 90 tackles.

"He was more effective for us in the middle of the field last year. Now we've played him deep and he can go from the middle of the field to sideline to sideline, and that makes the defense a whole lot better.

"Sean volunteers as a cornerback on the scout team, too. He wants to keep those coverage skills. He has great footwork, and that helps him when he gets back in the middle of the field.

"Last year, Sean was trying to make every play. This year, he doesn't have to make every play. You have other guys around him helping him. You have London [Fletcher] and Marcus [Washington]--those guys are helping out.

"When you take a look at New England's offense, and of course you see they're great. They do a great job. We can't worry about what they do. We know the stats and we know all the [records] they're on pace for, but we have to go out and play.

"The thing about the Patriots is, they understand how good they are, but they're humble, too. They're going to go out and play football. It's not about talking. You can say a lot through the media and if you don't back it up, you'll have a problem there.

"Randy Moss has opened up their offense, like when they had Deion Branch and all those other young receivers the times they won Super Bowls. They can spread you out and make you cover the whole field. That's what Randy Moss brings, that's what Wes Welker brings, that's what Donte Stallworth brings.

"Then they run plays to the tight end and they run plays with the running back in there. It's all opened up. They're really good at what they do right now. They remind me of the Indianapolis Colts' offense."

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