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Greg Blache Media Session

On defending and Reggie Bush and Jeremy Shockey:

"They are a heck of a one-two combination. It's kind of like a fight with Muhammad Ali, you know what he's going to do, but he's still going to knock you out sometimes. We have to make certain that we don't allow them the knock-out punch. You will never completely stop a group like this; all you can do is try to slow them down."

On Laron Landry defending Jeremy Shockey:

"Laron Landry is our angel in the middle of the field, more so than a cover guy up front. We will have other match-ups with Jeremy Shockey up front, but having Laron Landry on Jeremy Shockey is not part of our plan.

On the importance of not dropping interceptions:

"We have to catch those balls and if we don't then we will be flirting with disaster. It's rare when quality quarterbacks give you that opportunity and when you pass them up, the football gods foul on you. If they want to keep the coaches and football gods happy then they better catch those balls."

On the problems with guys being out of position on run defense:

"That's football, guys being where they need to be and doing what they are supposed to do and when you don't do that then you're not a good football team. Last week, we simply were not a good football team because we gave up yardage.

On the Saints matchup:

"Our main concern is that we don't beat ourselves and give ourselves an opportunity to execute. If they are good enough to beat us than god bless them.

On David Patten:

"David Patten is a big player and home-run guy for them. He has great speed and that knee that was bothering him when he was here is well. He is playing with confidence and is one of the top deep threats that they a have and has looked pretty impressive on film. He has resurrected his career and looks very good."

On the city of New Orleans:

"Without the Saints, New Orleans would be a difficult place to live and it's a great gift for the city to have a team like that. I m proud to be from New Orleans and I love the culture down there, but this week they are the opponents and I need to divorce my self from that attachment.. I may have a little gumbo and french bread tonight, but after that its back to the Redskins.

On Demetric Evans:

"Demetric Evans is a fine football player and always has been. We would definitely like to get him more snaps in not only the base but the nickel defense as well."

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