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Greg Blache Media Session

On linebacker London Fletcher:

"I think that leadership is one of the things that London exudes besides being a good football player and athlete. I think his leadership ability that he brings to this football team is exceptional. Not necessarily football leadership, but personal leadership and I think that's one of the most impressive things about him. He's playing great and playing as well as I ever seen linebackers play. He's had some huge games, but it's not just the tackles or the passes he is breaking up, its keeping this defense together, and moving forward."

On the Detroit Lions:

"Calvin Johnson is a first round draft pick who is 6-5 and runs a 4.2. He's averaging 21 yards a catch and had a 96 and 58-yarder on Sunday. We don't have a player on our team who averages 21 yards a catch. It's very easy to overlook the quality players that they have. They have a running back (Kevin Smith) that's a rookie who's averaging 4.9 a carry which is only a tenth behind Clinton Portis who's leading the league, so there are a lot of good things that are overlooked because of the record."

On defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin:

"He has been playing some of his best football particularly last week. I think that was one of the best games that I think I've seen Cornelius play in years. Not necessarily the most obvious to outsiders, but his technique, and reads were good. He really has been a big player for us this season. Probably not as outwardly as in the past, but when we lost Phillip Daniels he filled that void and leadership. He took over that role, picked up the flag, and kept charging the beach, he's a big time leader. As quiet as he is and as much as he doesn't necessarily like to be vocal, he's taken that challenge. He's been a very good player who has developed and matured. I think a lot of the success that we've had defensively is a credit to Cornelius."

On whether defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin will play against the Detroit Lions:

"We will make that decision in the next day or so. Hopefully he is ready to go, but there's a good chance that he won't. If he is not then we are not going to let him go and chance him getting injured even worse. We have a big run in November and December and he is a big part of who we are so the doctors and the coach will make that decision in the next day or so."

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