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Greg Blache Media Session

On the past difficulties the Redskins have had in Seattle:

"I hope we can come out of Seattle with a win. The last two trips there we played well for a period of time. We have never played with consistency [in Seattle]. We haven't finished and one of the things we talked to our players about early in the week was starting fast, playing hard consistently, and finishing. We have to go into Seattle and finish a ball game. We have to be able to go in and get ahead and put a team away. We have been ahead in each situation. There was one year where we had a chance to make an interception and run it in for a touchdown to put it away. Last time we had the kickoff that we recovered. We have had opportunities and we have let it slip away. This will be a new game, but at the same time we feel like we have to be able to go in and finish."

On Seattle quarterback Matt Hasselbeck:

"He is a veteran quarterback. He is very, very smart. He is very competitive. There is no question there was a degree of rust [last week], but he adds a whole new dimension to the offense when he is in there. He and [Deion] Branch are both coming back healthy now. I told the players, don't look at the statistics. Don't look at what the team was before these two people were replaced and came back. Now, they have two of their big guns back in. I think their whole tempo, the offense is going to pick up, and particularly with another week under their belt they are going to be that much more explosive, that much more dangerous of an offense. Whenever you have a veteran quarterback with the ability of Hasselbeck, that has been a Pro Bowler, you have your hands full."

On Head Coach Jim Zorn going back to Seattle:

"The fact that he left there under good graces, he took a promotion. It wasn't like he got run out of town. He left for a higher position. I think with him going back, it is going to be a big homecoming. It is going to be emotional because that is where he spent a great deal of time, but I see him going back with his own team now, now he is the head man. He is no longer one of the assistants. I think it will be emotional for him, but at the same time I think he will go in there with his chest kind of puffed up and prove a point. Mike [Holmgren] was his mentor, but it is like 'hey, I learned from you well, but I am able to do it and up you one too, hopefully.'"

On if he has sensed something different about Head Coach Jim Zorn this week:

"He has been fired up. He knows the offense well. He has been helping us on defense. He has been talking to the secondary. [He is] just giving us things that you can't see on film, just giving us some insight. He has been very, very helpful with the guys. Yeah, he is excited about it. The thing about him, he is excited every week. He is one of those guys, I don't care who you are playing, and he is up to it. This week, yeah there is a little bit more twinkle in his eye, but he has the knowledge of these people on and off the field much more than any of the rest of us do and he has been very, very helpful in sharing that information with us."

On linebacker H.B. Blades starting in place on linebacker Marcus Washington:

"We are not going to bat an eye. We have all the confidence in the world in H.B. that he will go out and do a real good job for us. We understand that in football injuries are as much a part of the game as first downs and touchdowns, so when it happens we don't make a big deal about of it. We go to the next player. Right now, Marcus is down and H.B. is up. That is the next player. We are going to go play it the best we can and we will see what happens when it is all said and done. We are very confident that he will do a good job."

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