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Greg Blache Media Session

On the defense now compared to the first game against the Giants:

"Our secondary is healthier than we were at that time. Shawn Springs missed that game with the leg injury and I think with Shawn healthy and the addition of DeAngelo (Hall) we will be a stronger secondary. Plus Chris Horton is playing well for us at the strong safety and I just think our secondary will be stronger than the last time. We may be a little beat-up up-front, but on the back-end I think we will be healthier and a little stronger."

On Redskins' linebacker H.B Blades:

"He is a two-time All-American coming out of college and is one of those guys that does what everybody tells him that he can't do. They tell him is not big enough, not fast enough, not good looking enough, but yet he gets it done. He's as guy that plays tough and that's the good thing about him. He goes out and does what we ask him to do and I feel very comfortable and confident that if we have to play with him as our starter at middle linebacker, that he will compete at a real high level and give us a chance to win this football game."

On the game plan against the Giants:

"We have to stop the run and we have to stop the run by being discipline, being physical, in the right spots with the proper leverage. I think that the biggest thing in this game is that we have to play physical and that the most physical team is going to win. One of the problems that we've had in the last five quarters is that we've given up 200 yards rushing in the last five quarters of football which is not good. We have the number one rushing team in the league coming in, so there is a huge challenge right in front us at home, on a big day when we honor the passing of Sean Taylor, I think that our guys have to draw strength from the environment and play at the top of our game because this is going to be a huge challenge because these guys are the best in the NFL running the football."

On Sean Taylor:

"I think of Sean often only because he was such a great person. Early in the season when we would play games and pull out tapes from last year, it was eerie to sit there and watch him playing and knowing that he was no longer with us. He does come to mind because of the person he was. He was very kind to me, my family, my friends, and I couldn't bring a kid into this building when Sean didn't make that kid feel very special. The real sad thing about it is that you guys never really got to know the Sean Taylor we knew. He shied away from the media, but what a great teammate and person he was to be around. In particular after his first year, he came in a little different and to watch him grow and mature and turn into a heck of a person. Besides being this great football player, I think that he was a greater person. To lose so much in life is difficult, but he will always be a part of us and as long as I'm here he will always be a part of our Redskins defense. He has meant so much to us, not only as a player, but as a teammate."

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