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Greg Blache Training Camp Media Session


On other players giving Phillip Daniels a hard time about his first practice back from injury:
"Honestly, I didn't think of it until after practice when I congratulated him for making it through the first one. For me, the first thing I have to focus on is the sequence of events of the current practice. Last year is history, so I didn't give it much thought until after practice."
On how Phillip Daniels looks on the field:
"Actually, he looks good moving around. You look at his body and can see that the guy looks like a dinosaur. I'm excited for him and I'm happy that he is back with us and healthy."
On not having Phillip Daniels healthy last year:
"Well, he is one of the best run defenders in the league. Besides being a good power rusher and a good inside rusher, the guy's a dominate player in the run game. I know other people in the division who are friends of mine that commented last year how they were relieved that they didn't have to worry about him during the season because, flat out, you don't run up Phillip Daniels. If you remember two years ago when we played against Minnesota while they were the best run offense in the league, we put Phillip and [Cornelius] Griffin on one side and they shut them down. We won the football game, surprised a lot of people, and made the playoffs. That's just some of the things that he brings to the game, as well as his leadership. When guys are down, you expect the people behind them to step up. Last year definitely hurt, and we missed him, but I'm glad to have him back."

On Albert Haynesworth adjusting to training camp with a new team:
"It's all new for him. There are definitely things that [Albert] did differently in Tennessee than we do here. For him, there are a couple of things that will be more of a learning process. But by next week, everything will become routine for him. He's a professional and he wants to be a big time player."

On Kevin Barnes:
"Well he's a rookie, and so he played like a rookie. Quite honestly, he'll be out there and make a great play, but then he'll make a mistake and you'll just think to yourself, 'Son, that's just not the way it's supposed to happen.' He is a classic, typical rookie. And that's not a compliment."

On if he has high expectations of Andre Carter:
"Honestly, yeah, Andre has been everything I expected him to be. I see how he plays, and I know he has his critics out there, but those are not knowledgeable people. Knowledgeable people recognize what Andre brings to the table."

On Fred Smoot's practice antics:
"Well sometimes I don't want to know everything Fred is doing. But he is a character and he's a good leader in a comical way, and a very positive way. But he does it with such levity and he's such a pleasure to be around and work with. And on top of all of that, he's a great football player. Fred came in today and worked hard."

On Chris Wilson's progress at the strongside linebacker position:
"You know, I complimented [linebackers coach Kirk Olivadotti] this morning on the phenomenal job he's done with Wilson, because he's playing better at [strong side linebacker], in my opinion, than he ever played at defensive end. KO's done a much better job coaching him than I've ever done. That's why I tell him, he gets Coach of the Month Award, because he's got Wilson playing so well. I mean, Wilson's playing the best football he's played since he's been here with us."

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