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Gregg Williams Media Session

On Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress:

"He is a really good football coach. I have said this many times. I think the Philadelphia organization has done a tremendous job over the last five years with having a consistent approach on how they handle personnel, the cap, the offensive system, the defensive system and the special teams system. He is a product of the west coast system that they have had throughout the National Football League. They are very sound and very well coached. We are going to have to be on top of our ball game. Any time you have a veteran quarterback the way Brad (Johnson) is, I have a lot of respect for Brad, he has done an awful lot in his career to be consistent. He gives them a very good chance to always be in the ball game because he doesn't make mistakes."

On Rocky McInosh (LB, #52):

"He is improving. He has come an awful long way. I have been very impressed with his toughness and very impressed with his resiliency as a rookie to block out distractions, me included. You have to be able to pay your dues, slow your heart beat down and not be caught up in the hoopla because the first regular season game for a rookie is shattering to their confidence level. Because he has come from a big time program that plays with an attitude anyway, he will have an easier time for us. I have been very pleased with his progress."

On the cornerbacks:

"We have had good work. We have prepared for all the combinations. It depends on how many we dress on game day. We have packages that play multiple corners and change things up on which one is in the ball game. Thank goodness for Jerry Gray (Secondary-Cornerbacks Coach). If anyone else was coaching corners for us right now I would be driving them nuts. Jerry has been through all of those types of things as a player with me and even as a coach. His flexibility and adaptability is outstanding during these times right now because we can play a multitude of guys. We can play a lot of different guys in that scenario."

On Kenny Wright (CB, #25):

"He has done very well. I am real pleased with how Kenny has come along. I think his comfort level with being in several systems has helped him adapt here. Because he has played on several different teams he has had a variety of coaching and teaching. The game is not too big for him. He has bonded very well with Jerry (Gray, Secondary-Cornerbacks Coach).

On if he saw enough good things from the defense in the preseason:

"I can never see enough good things. I am that guy that always pushed them and say that we are not near as good as everybody says we are. We have to come out and establish it every week .This game is about getting respect on every play, in every series, and every week. That has always been a good coaching crutch for me to hammer on them. We were not near good enough in the pre-season."

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