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Gregg Williams Media Session

On the Dolphins offense:

"You're not going to fool quarterbacks in this league that have played so many years. What you have to do is you have to execute. You have to beat them in the execution phase. Ronnie Brown's (RB, #23) a real big, physical running back. He is able to break tackles. You can have the right number of people at the point of attack and he can still run over you. We're going to have to do a good job swarming the football. We're going to have to do a good job with our techniques because I think in a real short time they've assembled a pretty good football team. I'm really impressed with the coaching staff that Cam (Cameron, Miami Head Coach) has put together. It's an all-star cast. Guys with a lot of experience. Guys that he can trust. Guys that have won a lot of games in the League. We've got our work cut out for us."

On Dolphins Quarterback Trent Green (QB, #10):

"I see him coming down there and getting used to new guys down there. I still see flashes of the same Trent Green."

On if he thinks Marcus Washington (LB, #53) will start:

"Yes I do. He did everything today. His progression has been outstanding. He's doing very, very well. Khary Campbell (LB, #50) moved on today and practiced full go in practice too. Right now we're at full strength."

On if he has a good feeling about the defense now:

"Every year and every week, you have to prove yourselves. Everyday is an interview. Every game is an interview. The so called ?experts' have already got the games won, lost and predictions and we have to go out there and play. It's not a video game. It's something you have to go out there and battle through mistakes, battle through human errors. I like the make up of this football team. I like the make up of our defense right now from a leadership standpoint. We're a faster team and we're a little bit better communicating team. When I say our communication skills are a little bit better it's because we have a little bit more experience in the positions that have to do all the communicating, at the middle linebacker position. I couldn't be more pleased with Sean Taylor (S, #21) and what he's done. To be stepping up right now and being the veteran back in the secondary controlling things. He's been impressive."

On LaRon Landry (S, #30):

"He's done everything and deserves the opportunity to start opening day. We all have to earn our right in this business and he has earned that right. He did everything that he was supposed to do at the college level. He did everything he was supposed to do from the time he became a Washington Redskin. He was here long days in the off-season, long days in the OTA's, long days in the mini-camps. He came back early and did some things during the summer time. Once he got to camp, once he got his contract situated, we couldn't be more pleased with him. He's going to make mistakes this year. There's going to be things that I can't predict and he can't predict. The one thing we can all predict is he's going to make them full speed and he's going to do it with an attitude. He's got a very good attitude about playing defensive football and I think our defense feeds off of that type of an attitude."

On Leigh Torrence (CB, #29):

"He is one of the fastest guys we've timed since I've been here in an off-season work out. He's the fastest guy I know that I have ever put a stop watch on since I came to the Redskins. You can't coach speed. The things that you hope you can affect a little bit is the understanding of technique, the improved technique. He did all those types of things, but he can just flat out run. He stepped up on special teams. In order for a young corner to make it in the League, and especially a young, undrafted corner, that person has to be able to be a force on special teams too. He's replacing the person that did a pretty good job there. Ade Jimoh did a really good job in special teams. I think Leigh has some upside in the defensive back position. I'm real pleased that he's here. He has a long ways to go too. That's good that he gets a chance to practice against Santana Moss (WR, #89). He gets a chance to practice against Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82). He gets a chance to practice against pure speed guys in our practice settings. He does a real good job. He caught all of our eyes that way. He did a real good job in the pre-season."

On the pass coverage:

"Well that's always a work in progress for us. The proof will be on game day. I'm pleased with what I've seen to date so far. Teams are committing a lot for max protection against us. Our guys have improved in an awful lot of ways. Our practice settings have been better, but we'll just have to wait and see how it comes out from a statistics standpoint, from a production standpoint, in big plays and in negative yardage plays that we need to get out of our defense this year that we didn't get last year."

On if he can be more creative defensively this year:

"Sometimes I think I get way too much credit, on talking about how creative I am. I'm a lot more creative when Sean Taylor (S, #21) plays. I'm a lot more creative when LaRon Landry (S, #30) plays. They're good football players. They have to be able to make plays. In that respect I think we don't have to be as creative when we're better talent wise, and we're better talent wise."

On the thought process of the recent roster changes:

"We're looking for guys that fit in as a group. That's why the off-season is so important. It's something that you can't just make a snap decision on training camp alone. We used to do that. We used to have to force ourselves to make our decisions off of two mini-camps in the off-season and whatever happened in the pre-season. Now, because you have guys around a lot longer in the off-season, you get a chance to see them in a chemistry standpoint. You get to see them from a communication standpoint. The guys that we brought in that are new are pretty good communicating people. I think leadership, as a good football player, and a good leader, like London Fletcher (LB, #59) is, like we know Sean Taylor (S, #21) is, the next step for him leadership wise is getting the other guys around you to play better. London has always been able to get the people around him to play better. Now, when you do that, you just have to keep the best person. I don't think we've tried to make a concentrated effort to get younger in any respect. It just happens to be, in this try out period through the off-season and through the training camp, we've had some younger guys prove that they deserve an opportunity and we're going to give them that opportunity and we'll see."

On Chris Wilson (DE, #95):

"He can flat out run, with some speed off the edge. Is that young legs? No, that's fast legs, that's just fast. We hope that we can get him a couple opportunities throughout the course of this season. Maybe even this weekend we'll see if we can get him a couple opportunities to show us how fast he is. I know that offensive tackles, offensive linemen are always worried about how powerful the people are over them, but the thing that scares them is speed. We wanted to get faster in every area on our team and we did. That position helped us get faster too."

On the team's conditioning:

"Conditioning never is a problem because of how hard we work in the offseason and how hard we practice. We try to debrief and talk to guys coming in from other teams and say did you practice this way. For instance, it was fun to hear Pete Kendall (OL, #66) say 'Whoa' when discussing the pace and the speed and the volume of reps that we get in practice. Guys that can just make it through the practice setting with us, they're ready to go in the game. You don't ever see us running wind sprints after practice. If we had to do that then we wouldn't be doing a very good job coaching during practice. You set up the practice to make it be a mini-game. On Wednesdays you basically play another game with the number of reps on offense and defense. We try to get sixty reps a week in the team setting. It's like a ball game. Our guys from a conditioning aspect will be fine. One of the things you have to battle is the heat. Miami practices it in. People always smile because they just don't know. When people talk about teams in the north don't have an advantage, they go down to the heat and lose it. They do have an advantage, because they haven't lost it before they got down there. Usually teams in the south have a tough time because they deplete it all. They have to learn how to do that every single day on practicing in the heat. Miami does a good job of that. They've been a real good organization on that. Our training staff has done a very good job with keeping our guys healed up and ready to have a solid performance this weekend."

On Anthony Montgomery's (DT, #94) progression:

"Light years. The word potential can be a negative, and the word potential can all of a sudden be a positive when it turns in to production. I can't wait to see him play. He's come a long, long way, but he still has to do it on game day. In the practice settings he may be one of the guys that we've learned to trust the most on how he comes to practice everyday. It's been a long, hard, tough year on the young man in a lot of ways, behind the scenes too. To his credit he's decided to change. All of a sudden, I can't wait. I want to see the smile on his face if it turns in to production because he'll see that the hard work, the hard coaching, the hard criticisms are going to pay off for him because he has made a lot of improvement."

On if they have named defensive captains yet:

"We have not. Typically Coach Gibbs does this week by week by week. We usually do that in the locker room prior to the team coming in that day. When they come in to the locker room they look up at the board and they'll see who Joe has put up there on the board."

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