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Gregg Williams Media Session, Divisional Playoffs

On playing in the rain that weather reports predict for Seattle on Saturday:

"We've practiced in all kinds of weather. Today, it's almost exactly the weather that we're expecting to have on gameday. That's good. [QB, #8] Mark Brunell is a very good quarterback--as he displayed in Denver--at being able to handle wet footballs. From a defensive perspective, you always like playing in the rain and [other such] conditions because it, hopefully, makes it a little bit better for yourself."

On Phillip Daniels attributing his improved performance to a scheme adjustment:

"Nah, it always goes back to the player first. We're not doing anything differently. He's healthy. He's playing very well. One of the things were doing is isolating a few more four-man rushes for those kinds of guys that are healthy right now. This is what it is. Our scheme is not a cookie-cutter scheme where we say that we're going to force what we're going to do down a player's throat. We're going to take a look at what each guy can do the best and try to make sure that we highlight those match-ups for the ballgame. Phillip is arguably playing the best of his career right now. All of the credit goes to him and [defensive coordinator-defensive line coach] Greg Blache."

On why opponents struggle to tackle Seahawks Shaun Alexander:

"He has tremendous confidence. He's one of those rare backs that has the patience, speed, and power--the whole package--put together. Plus, they've done a very good job of assembling a very good group of offensive linemen and a Pro Bowl fullback up there. Make no bones about it--he's a guy that has very few negative-yardage plays. We're going to have to do a good job of tackling and swarming the ball carrier because he's not a guy that is easy to bring down in one-on-one situations."

On his refusal to label any Redskins' defensive player a starter:

"I'm proud that I'm [like] a high school football coach. The best guy is always going to play. That's what coaches are paid to do. Coaches are paid to put those guys out there that give you the best chance to win. That [happens] through competition and practice every day and through the competition and match-up on that [game]day. Sometimes, guys get a bump, bruise, or nick, or just have a bad day. Having a bad day in the NFL is not good enough. You can have a bad day standing by me. The best guy is going to play."

On how he expects this Saturday's game at Seattle to differ from the Week 4 match-up at FedEx Field:

"Both teams are much better. At this point in the year, they have both evolved. They have kind of found their niche and style of play. We're going to have to play much better than we did the first time. We're going to have to play a lot better because they're clicking on all cylinders. They're rested and healthy. We thought all year long that they were maybe the best group of offensive talent that we played throughout the entire season. Both teams are playing very well right now. We're going to have to play our best game--maybe, of the year--to come away with a defensive effort that will help us win."

On where the Seahawks have improved since Week 4:

"In every area. They are healthier at receiver. Their quarterback is operating very well. You have the NFL MVP at running back, who is clicking on all cylinders and set the [NFL single-season] touchdown record. You can look all the way across the board. The biggest thing is that they're healthy at receiver."

On Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck:

"His rhythm is really good. [Seahawks head coach] Mike Holmgren said a couple of days ago that [Hasselbeck] has been in the system long enough that he pretty much understands what to do. Some of the defenses that they've played have allowed them to do those certain things that he is comfortable with. We're going to have to try to make the quarterback as uncomfortable as possible. They are a very good rhythm offense. When you allow them to get into a rhythm and have a lot of plays offensively, it's a recipe for disaster defensively. You have to try to minimize the risks that you're going to take on defense [by] getting off the field as fast as possible. Sometimes, the best offense is not having those guys out there. We have our work cut out for us. He is the NFC's top-rated quarterback. We've played against a lot of guys that were the top-rated guy coming into our ballgame, so it's no challenge that we're not ready for. We're just going to have to play very well."

On Redskins CB Shawn Springs:

"He fits into how we like playing defense here, corner-wise. He's a big, physical corner. With some of the physical receivers that we have in this division, we identified him to come into this system and organization. We wanted that match-up because of his size, speed, tackling [ability], toughness, and intelligence. He's a corner that doesn't just get cookie-cuttered into the corner position. He can play in the nickel and slot and be moved back to the safety position. We like those guys that can play more than one position. He fits into that very well."

On having three healthy starting cornerbacks:

"It gives us a little bit more experience out there, but we're still going to do what we do no matter who is out there. We've proven that. It doesn't make any difference what corner, defensive end, or linebacker plays. We're going to play what gives us the best chance to play in the ballgame. The experience factor really helps because they've been in big games and have played against some of the top receivers in the league. It's exciting to get them all back on the same day."

On why Redskins defensive players believe that no set "starters" exist:

"There are two things. One, you have to identify the kind of players that buy into the system that way. A huge part of the kind of player we want around here is players that commit to team--not to individuals. We don't want a bunch of individuals around here. We want a football team. We coach a football team, so the fact that we have the kind of players around here that commit to team and understand that team is important is very, very important. That's first. The second thing is an experienced coaching staff. I've said many times that I'm blessed with a very good coaching staff. I get way too much credit. Those guys are paid to always have another guy ready to go. We coach every single player on this team like he is a starter--and he is because he's one heartbeat away [from starting] and because we play so many [defensive] packages. We've played [against teams] that have roughly 20-21 guys that have played roughly 200-300 snaps in the league. We have a couple of guys that have played over 1,000 snaps this year. So, we play a lot of guys in a lot of packages. The big thing is that they're ready to go. They may have to play more some days than they do other days, but those are the kinds of players and staff that we have."

On each Redskins defensive player knowing that he can earn significant playing time:

"It does lead to their energy and encouragement in knowing that they're going to get a chance to play if they do right. If they do right, I'm going to give them a chance to play. They're going to have an opportunity to prove how much time they need to stay on the field, too. Some guys have proven that they deserve more opportunities. Some guys have proven that they got exactly what they [should] get."

On losing Renaldo Wynn to a broken forearm:

"It's tough. He has been our defensive captain during our six-game winning streak. He'll be with us again. He's a very inspiration leader behind the scenes because of the example he sets as a player. We've been able to step up [when injuries have occurred]. The next guy has to step up. We've had a lot of guys that we've had to shuffle around in the last two years on the defensive line. Fortunately, he hasn't been in a spot where he has had to move in and cover up for other guys. Now, some of his own teammates have to step up and cover up for him. They have to step up and fill some big shoes."

On Phillip Daniels lining up across from Seahawks left tackle Walter Jones:

"It's going to be a huge matchup. It goes back to when Phillip was up there, too. Both of those guys are playing very well. It's something that the fans will hone in on pretty severely because that is going to be a big part of the ballgame. What kind of pressure will we get there? What can they do to stymie us?"

On Phillip Daniels:

"Phillip is a pretty solid guy. When he does speak, everyone listens. I like the fact that he always comes to the Park to play. He has an attitude that he is going to give you every single thing he has every time he steps on the field. That's what we want out of our Redskins defense."

On Phillip Daniels claiming that his best season was his final season as a Seattle Seahawk:

"It was. Over an entire season, it may have been his best statistical season. I would even mention that these last several weeks rival that whole season. I was very interested in him when he was coming out of Seattle. We just couldn't afford him at that time."

On his reputation for being detailed and organized:

"I've always tried to be detailed and organized. I think you're supposed to be that way. I learned that at home. You should be prepared. My dad pounded that into me a long time ago. Proper preparation prevents a lot of poor performances. There is no excuse for me not being prepared mentally or physically to do my job because I expect it out of the players. It starts at the top."

On how he keeps his daily message to players fresh during the playoffs:

"It's harder in a playoff atmosphere because their focus is one where I can't really pick on them as much as I normally pick on them. They come out here and kind of take care of business themselves. It becomes a real challenge. It's almost a fun challenge for me to find some type of way to needle them. We believe as a coaching staff that when the practice sessions are as hard or harder than the games, they can block out distractions, focus in on the task at hand, and play a better style of defense. We don't want the practices to cruise. We never have done that at any level or place that I've been at. These guys have bought into that. During the playoff atmosphere, they've pretty much run the deal themselves. That's fun because we have good leadership that way."

On Marcus Washington's recent performances:

"[Given his] month of December, it's easy to see why the NFL recognized him as the NFC Defensive Player of the Month. I joked last weekend that he's working on January, too. Whenever we talk about awards after a ballgame, we almost have to read a paragraph on his statistics and all of the things that he is able to do during the course of a ballgame."

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