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Griffin III Grateful To Return O-Line Intact


*The 10 Days with No. 10 series continues on Redskins Nation and, as Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III talks about his entire offensive line returning for year two and how he is able to radiate positivity on the field, even under pressure.

Before Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III could make an impression with fans on the football field, he earned the respect of his teammates in the locker room and the huddle.

His calm, cool and collected demeanor served him well in several critical junctures during his rookie season, including his first two-minute drill in Tampa Bay and his seven-game win streak to the postseason.

Robert Griffin III told Larry Michael of Redskins Nation that his confident play is derived from insatiable positivity in the huddle, no matter the circumstances of the game.

"I just don't feel like if anyone on the [offensive] line gets beat, that I can just continue to berate them and tell them how bad of a person they are and just cuss them out," he said. "I don't feel like that's going to encourage them to block for me the next play. They might just ¡Olé! and say 'well he just cussed me out I don't like him.'

"You want guys to play for you and with you and that's my goal. If I do need to get on a guy, I will get on a guy, but I feel like that's not the best way to encourage them to do better."

There are times on the field when Griffin III can be seen joking with teammates or coaches, even while the game is still competitive.

Griffin III reminded fans that being serious about winning can often be derived from being loose on the field.

"There are some moments in there where I'm joking around with the guys and it's not because it was a light moment, it's just everyone needs to feel like 'We've got this, don't worry, it'll be OK,'" he said. "That's my job as a quarterback to keep everybody calm and also keep them motivated."

That attitude paid off down the stretch last season, as teammates like running back Alfred Morris shouldered the load on offense while Griffin III battled an ongoing knee injury.

Where a selfish player may have sulked about Morris's gritty 200-yard performance against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17, Griffin III was seen congratulating and encouraging Morris on the sideline.

"It was awesome. It was a fun game it was the moment of the season," Griffin III said in retrospect. "Of course Alfred goes out and runs for a lot of yards and everyone's like, 'Well shouldn't you be mad that he went out and played so well?' and I was like 'No, that makes my job a lot easier.'"

Another position that makes his job easier on a play-by-play basis, is the Redskins' offensive line.

One season after left tackle Trent Williams was recognized with his first Pro Bowl selection, the Redskins managed to retain the entire offensive line for 2013.

This is music to Robert Griffin III's ears.

"It does make me happy. Together, all of them collectively, they communicate better than any offensive line that I've seen," Griffin III said. "They do a great job together and that's what you want.

"To have all of them back, and then to have a little competition from the guys that we signed this offseason, it's going to be really interesting and really fun with this group."




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