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Griffin III's Status Unclear For Sunday


During his weekly press conference today, Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan addressed the health status of rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III (concussion).

Given the nature of his injury, it was yet unclear if he would be active for Sunday.

"Today, he has basically rest and testing," Shanahan told the media.  "Tomorrow, if he passes the test, he'll get a chance to get some cardio work – get a little workout in on the treadmill.

"If there are no symptoms – like headaches, dizziness, nausea, things along those lines – then he would be able to practice on Wednesday as long as there is no contact. Then, monitor that throughout the week, make sure no headaches come back or dizziness or things along those lines."

Griffin III took a vicious hit to the head in Sunday's contest against the Falcons, leaving the game with six minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Under the NFL's new concussion policy, Griffin III was tested by team trainers and independent team doctors and ruled inelligible to return, forcing backup quarterback Kirk Cousins to finish the game.

Shanahan said Griffin III told him he was alright coming off the field after the hit, but Shanahan requested he see the team doctor's for further evaluation.

"Robert came off the field and I looked him in the eyes, I knew it was something wrong," he recalled.  "I said, 'Go see the doctors.' He said, 'No, I'm OK.' I said, 'No, you're not OK.'

"I think you can see it when you look someone in the eyes, when you are used to looking at them all the time, how they are feeling," he continued.  "Through the years, especially dealing with quarterbacks, when they get their bell rung, you can tell when something is wrong."

Initially, Griffin III was able to tell coaches and doctors the quarter of play and the score of the game.  But after several minutes, the symptoms set in and Shanahan reported he was no longer able to remember.

"That is when we took him in the locker room and administered the test for a concussion," Shanahan said.  "That is when the doctor's knew there was some type of problem."

After taking several physical poundings in the Weeks 2 and 3 against the Rams and Bengals, the coaches were careful with Griffin III on Sunday, giving him zero designed runs.

Shanahan said the nature of each concussion to each individual is something he's glad that the NFL now regulates.

"The experts are in charge of it now; [the coaches] are not," he said. "We have no say. They have a standardized format which I think is great.

"It takes us out of the equation and what is best for the player is usually best for the team."

Shanahan said it was premature to rule Griffin III in or out for Sunday, but said he is comfortable starting Rex Grossman or Kirk Cousins in his place, if necessary.

"I've got the utmost confidence in both guys," he said.  "That's a great feeling to have. I can't say that I've felt that way about my second and third string quarterbacks very often. A lot of times, you'll feel good about one, not two.

"I've got probably the best situation I've been in for a long time."




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