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Grossman: Griffin III Will Learn From Hit


Despite also providing competition, veteran quarterback Rex Grossman has served as a mentor and player-coach for rookie quarterbacks Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins this season.

Grossman had a sideline view of the hit that knocked Griffin III out of last Sunday's game, and explained how difficult it is to seeing a teammate get hurt.

"I think a lot of people have injuries throughout the year at some point," he said.  "Whether they knock you out for half a game or longer, it's just part of football. 

"It's a physical game and I think [Griffin III] might learn from that one a little bit."

Griffin III was drilled by Falcons linebacker Sean Weatherspoon on the Atlanta 5-yard line.  Grossman talked about how much faster the plays are closer to the goal line.

"Everything happens so fast, especially in the red zone," Grossman said.  "The area you have to work with is fast, lanes close quick and you think you might be able to run in there and all of a sudden the linebacker's scrapping over the top and knocking you out."

With Grossman inactive in the game, backup quarterback Kirk Cousins played the remainder of the game under center.  After evaluating Cousins's film, Grossman praised him for his performance in a difficult situation.

"I think [offensive coordinator] Kyle [Shanahan] did a good job of calling some plays that [Cousins] knows," Grossman said.   "[Cousins] executed well on that touchdown pass and looked like he got into a rhythm and then made a mistake."

In two seasons in Washington, Grossman has thrown for 4,045 yards and 23 touchdowns. 

He said that the feeling of not playing really kicks in during the National Anthem before the game.  This was a time when he used to feel the excitement and nerves of being on the field. 

"You've been competing your whole life and you don't have a chance to play," he said.  "There's some pride you have to swallow and do what's best for the team and help out wherever you can." 

Regardless of playing time, Grossman is fully dedicated to helping the team reach its goals.

"I always want to play, but you want to do what's best for the team and help out wherever you can."




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