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Hall: 'Every Kick Is a New Opportunity'

Two days after missing a potential game-tying field goal in the Redskins' 19-16 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, kicker John Hall spoke to and local media about bouncing back from an emotional loss:

Q: Looking back at the last-second field goal attempt, what are your thoughts on it now?

A: "It's nice to wake up and get another chance. When you throw yourself out in the middle of the ring like that, some negative things can happen. You always have to find a way to dig down and turn it around. Each kick is a new chance, a new opportunity. That's just the way I approach it. That's the character of this team and we will do that as a team."

Q: How eager are you to get back out there so that you can erase the memory of your last kick?

A: "I am real eager--I would be lying if I said I wasn't. I will just stay positive and work hard like I always do. Good things will come."

Q: You're coming off two injury-plagued seasons. How do you feel from a health standpoint right now?

A: "I feel better than last year. I feel pretty good and I worked real hard in the offseason to get ready. I don't have any excuses [for missing the field goal]. I went out there and I didn't perform. I just have to move on and work hard. Next time, I'll come through."

Q: Is returning from a missed field goal attempt as much a mental thing as it is physical?

A: "Until you have been in that situation, you don't know what a bad feeling it is. It's like a kick in the gut. It's an awful feeling, but you wake up the next day and you just move on. Life throws all kinds of punches at you--you just have to keep going. You can't let it linger on. My wife and I had a real positive talk about it being just one kick and that I've made those kicks before in pressure situations. I hate that I missed it. Nobody wanted it to go through the goalposts more than me. I've had real good support from coaches and teammates."

Q: Is your wife Christina typically part of your support system, in terms of coming abck from something like this?

A: "Yeah, she knows me better than anybody in the world. I always bounce everything off her. I value her opinion and she's good at keeping me positive."

Q: What have the last few days been like and how tough has it been to get through?

A: "I think driving home from the game was pretty tough. It was such an important day for a couple of cities and a lot of people, including football fans. I treated it as such. That day means a lot to me. It was hard when I missed that field goal, but I woke up and saw my kid. He didn't care. He said, 'Dad, let's play.' Things like that put it all in perspective. I know what I do is important, but I have to be able to move on."

Q: The Redskins' next game is at Dallas against the Cowboys. Does Texas Stadium provide any challenges, like winds swirling through the hole in the roof, that you need to take into consideration?

A: "I didn't play there last year, but I've played there a few times. I don't think the stadium is any issue at all. For me, the toughest part of playing there is the fans. They are like our fans--it's all about the Cowboys there. They can be tough."

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