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Hispanic Heritage Month Bios - Isaac Gonzalez

Isaac Gonzalez

Deskside support specialist


Hispanic Heritage: He was born in El Salvador. There was a lot of civil unrest in the country in the early 1980s, which eventually lead to a civil war. His parents moved to the DMV area to find a better and safer future for his family.

On what he loves most about working with the Commanders: "I'm blessed and honored to be a part of this organization. I enjoy my day-to-day providing information technology support and services to the user community at the Ashburn practice facility. I also provide technical support and services required for all stadium events at FedExField."

On favorite traditions: "My Dominican wife and I share a lot of common traditions. We love to entertain our family and friends. We love to have our home filled with music and laughter. We make everything we do fun with a little bit of music and dance. Even when we cook, we play merengue, cumbia, bachata, reggaeton, salsa so we can dance while we are cooking as a family. On the weekends when I am not working, my favorite thing to do in the morning when I get up is to put on bachata to start the day. It's my mother-in-law's favorite. She puts on el Café Busteloand I start making my famous pancakes. The aroma wakes up the entire house. Before you know it, everyone is up cooking, dancing and eating. This is definitely my favorite family tradition. It is something that I truly love, and I hope one day my girls continue to do with their families."

On what HHM means to him: "As Hispanics we have so much pride in our culture. We come from so many different countries but have so much in common. Each country has their own uniqueness, but we can come together to celebrate those differences. Hispanic Heritage Month is about sharing our culture with each other but most importantly showing the world what we have to offer. There is so much I still need and want to learn about other countries and the people that make up our heritage. I look forward to learning and sharing the knowledge with my daughters so they too can be proud of their heritage.

On how his heritage has shaped who he is today: "Hard work has always been at the forefront of all I do. My parents came to this country, worked really hard so that my siblings and I would have the opportunities that they did not have back in El Salvador. I reflect back and appreciate the work ethic they instilled in me. Today at the age of 48 years I have a wonderful family and two beautiful girls that I hope follow in our footsteps. I always remind them they can accomplish anything they set their minds on as long as they work hard for it."

Quote/mantra he lives by:"Going back to my dad, he would always say, 'Attack the day.' No matter what the challenge was he would always say, 'You can do it, mi hijo.'"