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Hispanic Heritage Month Bios - Kelly Torres

Kelly Torres

People Operations Coordinator


Hispanic Heritage: Identifies as salvadoreña.First-generation Latina American, born in Maryland.

On what she loves most about her work at the Commanders:"First, I really enjoy working with my team and all the other folks across the organization. I love being a part of welcoming employees to the team and supporting the onboarding efforts of our new teammates. It's an exciting moment as a new employee! I often reflect on my own experience as a Latina entering the NFL who had no sports industry background. If I were talking to myself when I was a student athlete, I wouldn't believe it. I really enjoy this part of my work for a variety of reasons like listening to their career progression, why they're with the Commanders organization and what's in sight for them as they step into this new role."

On favorite traditions: "Food is really important in my family, but not just the food itself; it's about how it brings us together around a piece of our culture. When we go all out and really extravagant, you can tell the excitement amongst everybody. And when everybody is about to eat we say, 'Buen provecho,' which is kind of like 'bon apetite.' One of my favorite foods is a delicacy called panes de pollo. It literally translates to 'chicken sandwiches,' which sounds really simple to make, but the way it is prepared involves a whole marinating process. It's super, super special, and we can pretty much only get it on Thanksgiving."

On how her heritage has shaped who she is today: "I think it's made me realize the importance of who I am in my community as a Latina and how I'm paving the way for others. I've realized the power of something as simple as recognizing my own achievements. Other Latinos – those in my own family – celebrate that, like they can't believe that this is where I am. So, it makes me feel very proud of who I am and how far I've come."

On what HHM means to her: "Hispanic Heritage Month is about celebrating, learning more about my culture and heritage and making sure I'm not growing out of tune as a first-generation Latina American. It also means recognizing the struggles the Latino community has faced as well as the achievements it has made over time."

Quote/mantra she lives by: "At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can" – Frida Kahlo